Regulatory Compliance

Simplify compliance, get up-to-date mapping of your data

The regulatory requirements around data are increasingly important, the control of uses and data traceability are essential. But your data are little or not documented and their knowledge is diffused.

You can no longer spend your time juggling spreadsheets. You need a reliable solution to document, trace and share the uses of your data in order to be proactive in the face of regulatory requirements.

Share a repository of your regulated data

The amount of regulated data is increasing every day. With DataGalaxy, you will be able to easily identify and document your data.

The definitions and conditions of data exploitation are accessible and shared by all the people concerned.

Ensuring the traceability of uses

Your company’s information system is complex. The data flows and the number of applications evolve every day. Data traceability and auditability of the uses of your data are essential to control regulatory risks.

DataGalaxy allows you to locate and trace all the transformations and modifications made to your data over time.

Access and explore your regulated data datasets

Datalinization is essential for analyzing data flows and controlling compliance risks.

With its visual analyses, DataGalaxy offers exploration and visualization capabilities that allow all users to evaluate and control the risks of impact of the modifications they make. With datalinages, your teams are proactive and the risk of each action is easily identifiable and measurable.

Discover the DataCatalogue 360° modules

Data Catalog

Inventory your data sources, SQL or NoSQL and easily display your new data models

Processing Catalog

Map your data processing and never loose control on how your data assets are transformed

Business Glossary

Give sense to your data to increase and value your business landscape knowledge

Usage Catalog

Catalogue your data usage to increase business and technical data consumption awareness

DataGalaxy Connectors

Connect DataGalaxy to any DataManagement tool and retrieve within few clicks a dynamic mapping of your technical metadata, Data processing and usages.