24 July 2020

What’s a Data Steward?

The Data Steward is the referent manager in a data governance project. He plays a key role in its implementation, in particular because he is the one who holds the knowledge of the data and their metadata. He appropriates them and works with the business teams to define the objectives of the data governance project.

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The role of the Data Steward is therefore to implement effective day-to-day control of data mapping and data management.

This Data Steward will be in charge of collecting the data while ensuring its security. For example, he can draw up specific rules of relevance, enabling the quality of the collected data to be measured accurately.

Why are Data Stewards important?

While a Data Owner is going to be involved in the acquisition and appropriation of a set of data, he or she is not going to be involved in the preservation of the data and its recording. The Data Steward will have global visibility on a data acquisition and mapping project, while being involved in the various means put in place to achieve the defined objectives.

The Data Steward is the keystone of any good Data Governance project that wants to have the right combination of processes, technologies and business teams to be effective.

What are the benefits to be expected from Data Steward?

The benefits of appointing a Data Steward are :

  • Having a consistent use of data management, which becomes an efficient resource
  • Develop an efficient data mapping for all data actors (business, technical and project)
  • Cost reduction due to migration to Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)

What skills do you need to become a Data Steward?

The Data Steward may have a discreet role in the company, but he or she is nonetheless essential for the digital transformation of the company. This data manager must have several skills:

  • Programming expertise
  • Relational Database Competency
  • Data Modeling
  • Know the concepts of Data Warehouse
  • Technical writing skills
  • Be farsighted
  • Succeed in sharing knowledge to facilitate the digital transformation of the company

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