Over the last three years, DataGalaxy has worked to master machine learning and artificial intelligence, staying ahead of the curve and shaping future trends in the data management sphere.

This forward-thinking approach has resulted in a set of powerful, user-friendly tools that make data management a breeze for businesses everywhere using DataGalaxy.

Adding a personal touch with data: Machine learning in action

Imagine a system that knows exactly how you prefer to organize your data. That’s what machine learning at DataGalaxy does: It suggests tags, making it tidy and accessible. Users can also add your custom tags, giving a personal touch to data sorting. It’s like having a personal assistant who knows exactly where everything should go.

Automate your catalog with Metabot, DataGalaxy’s suggestion assistant – Metabot is an AI-based advanced software revolutionizing object catalog management. As your organization’s ultimate suggestion assistant, Metabot offers personalized suggestions based on customer behavior, streamlines object categorization and tagging and provides valuable analytics to improve catalog performance.

Metabot is an intelligent suggestion assistant designed to enhance the functional description of your catalog. Powered by our Data Science team, Metabot offers a new generation of automated features that facilitate the descriptive work of objects. From object tagging and personal data classification to collaborative text evaluation and customizable suggestions, Metabot offers a comprehensive suite of tools to help you manage your catalog more effectively to derive better decision-making capabilities.

Automatic glossaries

Thanks to ML & AI, creating your DataGalaxy Business Glossary has never been easier. DataGalaxy detects all your objects stored in your Data Dictionary and automatically creates related objects in the Business Glossary. This means less grunt work for everyone and more time focusing on what really matters – Your business insights.

Linking made easy: AI-driven suggestions

DataGalaxy’s AI capabilities extend beyond mere organization: They intelligently suggest links between various data elements. These AI-driven recommendations facilitate a robust network of data relationships, streamlining the process of uncovering deeper insights and enabling quicker, more informed decision-making.

Moreover, this technology connects your Business Glossary to the Data Dictionary and your usages, ensuring a cohesive and comprehensive understanding of data interactions. This intuitive linking enhances the utility of the Business Glossary, making it a powerful tool for navigating and interpreting complex data landscapes effectively.

Stay compliant with PII handling

DataGalaxy’s Metabot brings a friendly helping hand to your data security efforts with its ability to suggest classifications for personally identifiable information (PII). This feature is particularly useful for ensuring sensitive data is handled correctly and complies with privacy regulations.

Rather than automatically classifying data, Metabot suggests potential PII tags, allowing your team to make informed decisions about data protection. This helps safeguard customer privacy and supports your team by reducing the workload, making the process of managing sensitive data efficient and user-friendly.

Pristine data for powerful AI

Better data leads to better AI. DataGalaxy ensures your data is clean, well-organized, and ready to go for any AI application. This clean data foundation means AI models can be trained more effectively, leading to smarter and more accurate predictions. Think of it as prepping the best ingredients for creating an outstanding recipe – The better the ingredients, the better the results.

The added value of using AI and machine learning with DataGalaxy

Embracing machine learning and artificial intelligence doesn’t just mean keeping up with the Jones, but continuing to lead the way. DataGalaxy’s tech tools are designed to make your data work for you, turning complex information into clear, actionable insights. This proactive approach helps boost decision-making and drives success in a world where data is gold.


As DataGalaxy continues to innovate, the path ahead looks bright. Our dedication to understanding and addressing user needs not only sets us apart from the competition, it also paves the way for a new standard in intelligent data management. It’s an exciting time to get smarter with your data, and DataGalaxy is here to help every step of the way!

Learn even more about creating an intuitive data catalog to manage your metadata – Sign up for a demo of DataGalaxy’s Data Knowledge Catalog, an all-in-one metadata management catalog that offers out-of-the-box actionability with fully-customizable attributes, powerful visualization tools, standardized business glossaries, and AI integration to help organizations easily document, link, and track all organizational metadata assets on one dynamic platform.