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Manitou Group

Manitou Group uses DataGalaxy to transform their data from a liability to an organizational asset

customer overview

Manitou group is a worldwide reference in handling, access platforms, and earth-moving.

Its mission is to improve working conditions, safety, and performance throughout the world while protecting people and their environment. Through innovation and creating value for its stakeholders, the group affirms its ambition to always do better, be a driver of change, and contribute to moving the world.

Industry: Industry and Manufacturing

Headquarters: Ancenis, France

Workforce: 4,200+ employees

Financials: Turnover of €1.875M

Strategic priorities:

  • Exceed customers expectations with
    value-added services
  • Drive the green transition for a sustainable
    business model
  • Boost performance with streamlined
  • Build success on one united team

To make this approach a success, team support must not be minimized. Users must be supported because this translates into a change in processes. In addition, you have to start the process, make mistakes, and correct but move forward with an iterative approach.


Gérard Le Berre
Manitou Group Chief Data Officer


Manitou deployed a data governance unit to ensure ownership and control of the organization’s processes for managing data as a business asset. The Manitou roadmap focused on three key pillars:




just the facts

The project methodology addressed the following:

  • Sharing: Share the knowledge around the data
  • Collaborate: Create a collaborative system to enrich the data knowledge
  • Support: Provide continuous support for users during times of change
  • Internalization: Ensure that data governance is integrated into the company’s project processes
  • If Manitou Group had one piece of advice, it would be: Don’t wait to have everything you need to start your data governance project – Try, make mistakes, and correct!

The Manitou Group technology stack



Power BI

Azure Data Lake Gen 1 & 2

SQL Server

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