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Terres du Sud

Terres du Sud uses DataGalaxy to create and structure a fully-accessible data framework fit for all users

Thanks to DataGalaxy, we now have a global view of our data, from its source to its end use, including data transformation and consolidation.

Audrey Acard
Terres du Sud Data Steward

customer overview

Terres du Sud

Terres du Sud is one of Europe’s top agricultural cooperatives. The group promotes the progression of argicultural skills, crops, and resources in the French regions of Guyenne, Gascogne, and Périgord.

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Industry : Agriculture & agri-food

Headquarters: Clairac, France

Workforce: 1,400 employees and 6,000 members

Financial data: €629M in revenue

Strategic goals:

  • Support the development of local agricultural industries
  • Create jobs and promote economic growth by investing in rural establishments and resources
  • Provide consumers with guaranteed oversight, transparency, and high-quality products for purchase
  • Commit to responsible agricultural methods, including the protection of natural resources and animal welfare

For me, data should be accessible to all, and DataGalaxy’s Data Knowledge Catalog enables us to do so.

Audrey Acard
Terres du Sud Data Steward

Project context

Without any documentation concerning its trade and management rules, sources, and programs, Terres du Sud was at serious risk of information and knowledge loss, particularly concerning employee turnover. That’s why Terres du Sud decided to implement an organizational data governance plan using a robust data catalog. The group wanted to consolidate their data, structure it, and make it shareable and accessible to users.

Terres du Sud chose to implement DataGalaxy’s Data Knowledge Catalog after a benchmark study conducted by Next Decision, Terres du Sud’s consulting partner. The tests allowed Next Decision to validate the quality of Terres du Sud’s system and ensure that DataGalaxy would meet the group’s data management needs.

Implementing the Data Knowledge Catalog

Terres du Sud’s personalized Data Catalog was created to document the group’s entire data lifecycle based on the needs of their various trades.

Terres du Sud implemented a use case-based approach to integrate their existing data into the DataGalaxy’s Data Knowledge Catalog platform, a similar process to what was used to originally build the group’s data lakes.

An extremely large amount of data was connected to Terres du Sud’s various ERP systems. Choosing a functional approach prioritized and streamlined their entire data integration process.

Audrey Acard
Terres du Sud Data Steward

“Since our data catalog construction process relied on use cases, we’re certain that all of the data will be useful and valuable to every one of our users.”

The DataGalaxy difference

Terres du Sud’s accounting, management control, fruits and vegetable, and plants departments were the first to be trained using their new Data Knowledge Catalog. All Terres du Sud Data Knowledge Catalog users were encouraged to familiarize themselves with the stoftware before any key performance indicators were created. The indicators were developed in Power BI, the group’s existing data visualization tool.

Terres du Sud’s Data Knowledge Catalog now allows users to create reports and indicators for producers, external users, and internal users connected to those producers. The user training and support provided by the data team with help from HR was an important step in mastering the fusion of the DataGalaxy software and Power BI tools. This training helped simplify data-related change management throughout the entire company, helping users from all teams make more efficient, data-driven decisions.

Terres du Sud’s proven ROIs

Data-driven culture

Growing demand for data access across the whole organization

Data available to all

Users feel included and appreciate the transparency of the newly-implemented system


Data lineage features allow users to view the entire data trail in the blink of an eye

Why Terres du Sud loves DataGalaxy

  • An efficient, well-developed solution: The automatic data lineage creation tool provides full data visibility smoothly and easily
  • DataGalaxy’s teams were very responsive, always available, and they had a solution for every question that came up
  • The Users Club webinars, which are offered regularly, provide an opportunity to learn about the experiences of other people in the DataGalaxy community
  • The User Voice program allows users to provide feedback on upcoming changes and hear about what’s currently being developed at DataGalaxy

The Terres du Sud technology stack

Power BI

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