Data to the people.

When data knowledge is easy to share, access, and understand, innovation follows. DataGalaxy makes it simple to organize and utilize trustworthy business metadata. Our platform drives multi-level insights and empowers companies to accelerate and evolve from within.

Stars in our galaxy

Since 2015, we’ve proudly helped leaders and innovators shine brighter by mastering their metadata.

A user-first approach to harnessing your data knowledge

DataGalaxy’s goal is connecting people to the data knowledge they need in the most agile, intuitive way imaginable.

By unifying and organizing metadata from hundreds of sources, we accelerate the transfer of information, empower data experts with a convenient platform, and give your business data meaning.

Connect your data
and unlock its potential

User Experience

A clear, capable dashboard will have you unlocking the potential of your company’s metadata within hours, rather than weeks.

Knowledge graph

Delve into the four Datalayers of Usage Catalog, Process Catalog, Business Glossary, and Data Dictionary to learn the when, what, how, and why of your data.

Search and track

Your indexed data knowledge is only a click away with DataGalaxy’s built-in search engine. Visualize the lineage of specific datasets to acquire new insights at light speed.

Agile teamwork

Through the platform’s agile collaboration and engagement, your company’s data stewardship practices are supported and refined with quick, easy access to the right experts.

Agility meets simplicity

Like a wiki designed
for your data
Native Cloud DataCatalog
PaaS, OnPrem, or Hybrid

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Discover what’s possible with a platform that leverages and unifies your metadata.