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When data knowledge is easy to share, access, and understand, innovation follows. DataGalaxy makes it simple to organize and utilize trustworthy business metadata.

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For data-driven people

We can finally track data end to end with DataGalaxy and identify Ownership.
We realized many benefits for the organization such as a use case fully documented (functionally and technically), the build of a algorithm library, a clear identification of ownership (IT, Business, Data scientist, BI) and strong foundations for 2022 use cases.

Emmanuel Dubois

product overview

Scan, manage and share your data knowledge

Make data-driven decisions with confidence

Data is accessible to everyone, but who really knows what exists and how trustworthy it is? DataGalaxy makes finding reliable data easy and offers always up-to-date view on your data’s origin, transformation and usage. DataGalaxy accelerates innovation and spreads the data driven culture.

Share the data knowledge

Design and manage your always up-to-date data intelligence

DataGalaxy has created a user centric data catalog that blends the most powerful augmented data stewardship experience with crowd-sourced business knowledge. Govern, organize and curate millions of different assets with minimum effort!

Manage the data knowledge

Catalog your data stack in no time and get immediate value

Modern — cloud based — and legacy data stack solutions, are integrated with DataGalaxy thanks to a wide range of plugins and connectors. No coding skills needed. No curation required. Just plug and start sharing your data catalog.

Scan the data knowledge

Supporting all major
cloud platforms

Connected to your past, present
and future data stack

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