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22 May 2024

DataGalaxy & Snowflake: Securing data management success

DataGalaxy & Snowflake: Securing data management success

It’s no secret that Snowflake has quickly become one of the data industry’s most prized tools. Its ability to not only organize data but also to provide computing technology and cloud services makes it a powerful platform for any modern organization.

Keep reading to discover even more about this outstanding data management platform, our long-lasting relationship, and the upcoming Snowflake Data Cloud Summit 2024!

What is Snowflake?

If we had to create a magic formula to explain Snowflake, it would be: Data storage + multi-cluster computing + cloud services + cross-cloud data governance controls.

  • Optimized storage: Centralized, unstructured, semi-structured, and structured data for un-siloed access to all your teams’ data
  • Multi-computing: Powerfully complex data pipelines, large-scale analytics, feature engineering, and interactive applications
  • Cloud services: Automation that reduces risk, improves efficiency, and lets your team focus on what matters
  • Cross-cloud data governance controls: Discover and share governed data between teams, business units, partners, customers, and more, all without ETL

All these services and more run on Snowflake’s patented Data Cloud – A global network that connects organizations to the data and applications most critical to their business. The Data Cloud enables a wide range of possibilities, from breaking down silos within an organization to collaborating over content with partners and customers and even integrating external data and applications for fresh insights.

Snowflake’s platform eliminates data silos and simplifies architectures, so organizations can get more value from their data. The platform is designed as a single, unified product with automation that reduces complexity and helps ensure everything works.

Snowflake & DataGalaxy for data management success

It’s more than just collaboration – It’s the coming together of two visionaries with a shared ambition. Together, DataGalaxy’s Data Knowledge Catalog and Snowflake help easily import your existing data sets to receive intuitive insights with our powerful, all-in-one data management platform.

DataGalaxy is a Snowflake Select Technology Partner! This partnership allows DataGalaxy customers to benefit from our relationship, bringing DataGalaxy’s data governance capabilities on top of the existing Snowflake data cloud.

DataGalaxy customers’ Snowflake use cases

Don’t just take our word for it – Our customers love using DataGalaxy with Snowflake because we help them integrate the data and systems they already use into their new data catalog: It’s a win-win!

  • ARTE: ARTE uses DataGalaxy to centralize all its data flows, providing a clear view of consumer habits and sensitive data for management and sales teams. With a data strategy aimed at improving audience knowledge, ARTE was faced with managing data from multiple sources. Implementing DataGalaxy enabled ARTE to involve management and business teams in their data management strategy, as the platform is very easy to use even for teams without technical expertise.ARTE is now able to better understand the compliance of its data with regulations, notably the RGPD.
  • Malakoff Humanis: Malakoff Humanis chose DataGalaxy to replace its old data catalog tool to establish a common business language, ease complicated data searches, and meet increasing regulatory challenges. After two years of use, their previous data catalog tool was no longer adapted to their needs and had reached its limits. Malakoff Humanis chose DataGalaxy because they were looking for an ergonomic tool that could be used by data, IT, and business teams. Today, they have managed to reference more than 1,000 pieces of data in their business dictionaries, with 300 users having adopted the tool.
  • Canal+: CANAL+ uses DataGalaxy to optimize data management, improve team efficiency, and meet regulatory compliance requirements. CANAL+ was facing difficulties with under-utilized or poorly exploited data and the collection of a large volume of customer data. They chose DataGalaxy for our ease of use, and their users preferred using DataGalaxy over other options. After implementing DataGalaxy, CANAL+ noted time savings, improved team onboarding, and the ability to localize sensitive data to ensure regulatory compliance
  • Lectra: Lectra uses DataGalaxy to add value to its 50+ years of data collection and provide self-service data access to every employee. Over the course of 50 years in business, Lectra has digitized its customers’ data, know-how, and best practices, resulting in the collection of an immense volume of data. In 2022, Lectra developed a three-year strategic plan that included the deployment of a data governance strategy and the launch of a data catalog tool. Lectra chose DataGalaxy because it was looking for an easy-to-use, intuitive tool aimed at both data engineers and business teams.

Getting started with Snowflake

There’s no need for a complex architecture deployment: DataGalaxy is shipped with a Snowflake online connector. We’ll guide you to setting up or connecting a Snowflake account so you’re good to go!

  • Schedule: Schedule the import process to automatically stay up-to-date with changes made in Snowflake by anyone on your team.
  • Visualize insightful data lineage: Once your Snowflake resources are synchronized, internal and external dependencies will be created, and you will be able to start exploring them at the scale of your entire company.
  • Get observable insights: DataGalaxy’s Snowflake connector provides a snapshot of your table’s metrics, including storage size and row count, to keep track of them so you can easily check how your resources evolve over time.

Join us at Snowflake Data Cloud Summit 2024

DataGalaxy is thrilled to participate in The Snowflake Data Cloud Summit! The event brings four days of inspiring keynotes and educational breakout sessions on an exposition floor where thousands of Snowflake’s partners, customers, and industry peers can network, collaborate, and obtain insights about emerging trends in data, AI, and application development.

Are you attending The 2024 Snowflake Data Cloud Summit? Come say hello!

Join us for this unique opportunity to mingle with the data leaders of today at the industry’s top event! We look forward to collaborating, connecting, and discussing the future of AI-integrated data governance and management with you.

Are you interested in learning even more about using your data as an asset to achieve higher levels of data governance and data quality? Book a demo today to get started on your organization’s journey to complete data lifecycle management with DataGalaxy!

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