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Cofinimmo uses DataGalaxy to reduce data silos and provide detailed statistics on data usage within the organization.

DataGalaxy enables different teams to work together and share information more efficiently.

Benjamin de Reus
Data Manager

Benjamin De Reus



Cofinimmo is an international real estate investment organization that has been acquiring, developing, and managing rental properties for 40 years across Belgium, France, the Netherlands, Germany, Spain, Finland, Ireland, Italy, and the UK. Mainly focusing on healthcare office real estate, Cofinimmo aims to provide high-quality living and working environments to its many partner-tenants.

Key info:

  • Cofinimmo’s data teams needed a standardized data language for use throughout the entire organization.
  • Cofinimmo chose DataGalaxy due to the user-friendly nature of the platform that works for both technical and non-technical profiles.
  • Today, Cofinimmo’s data teams have created an extensive Business Glossary with over 1,000 data term definitions and data usages.

Industry: Real estate

Headquarters: Belgium

Workforce : 180 employees

Financials: Value of 6.2 billion EUR

Project background & strategic challenges

Cofinimmo’s data team includes a data governance managers, data stewards, and data experts. In general, the executive committee noted a lack of data quality in the organization, including unclear data definitions and misalignment of the same data points among various systems and databases.

For example, Cofinimmo’s databases would often have several factors and techniques used to calculate the definition of a building’s total square meters – Does this include gross or net surface area? Including or excluding the building’s walls? Above or below ground? Finished or unfinished? In total, the group had nearly 10 different definitions for “surface area!”

Cofinimmo chose DataGalaxy because its platform is accessible and suits both technical and non-technical users.

Cofinimmo’s data catalog implementation process

Cofinimmo’s data teams had a few steps toward successful implementation:

  • Active involvement of each data steward responsible for populating the definitions of data elements in their data domains
  • Project coordination and refining of definitions led by the central data management team
  • Short demo tutorials and emails to remind employees of the platform or introduce new DataGalaxy functionalities

Today, all of Cofinimmo’s 180 employees have access to DataGalaxy, and the group has achieved a 50% access rate so far with 15% of users consulting the platform regularly.

In the future, Cofinimmo plans to continue its data use case documentation, including describing the content of management reporting and further refining unclear data.

Benjamin De Reus

DataGalaxy is quite user-friendly and intuitive for non-experienced users, and the tool can be used by data and IT specialists to describe data lineage in-depth.

Benjamin de Reus
Data Manager

Results of using DataGalaxy


Creation of a central point of truth

to store all data definitions


More detailed statistics on data usage,

including the frequency of data point usage and its purpose


Over 1,000 data term definitions

and use of data terms in reports


50% access rate of DataGalaxy

and 15% usage rate within the company

The benefits of using DataGalaxy

  • Data is available to all users; they feel included and appreciate the transparency of the newly implemented system.

  • Time-saving for all users needing to research specific data points

  • Increased operational efficiency

Benjamin De Reus

Benjamin de Reus
Data Manager

We chose DataGalaxy over other options because of its flexibility, its ease-of-use, and it was the right cost for the size of our organization.

Cofinimmo’s tech stack

Power BI




SQL Server

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