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SWEN Capital Partners

SWEN Capital Partners uses DataGalaxy to share their data knowledge among the entire organization without having to use multiple tools and platforms.

I’d recommend DataGalaxy because it’s a practical, flexible and easy-to-use tool, and the [Chrome] extension means that anyone can have the catalog on hand at any time.

Maxime Dumas
Data Governance and Reporting Manager

DNDi Case Study


SWEN Capital Partners

SWEN Capital Partners is a responsible investment leader in private markets specializing in private equity, unlisted infrastructure, and private debt. SWEN is a mission-driven company for sustainable finance and offers its investors a unique responsible investment offering and an agile service platform for customers.

Key info:

  • SWEN Capital Partners regularly deals with enormous amounts of data that must remain secure and high quality due to their status as a growing asset management and investment company.
  • SWEN’s data management teams began their data transformation by calculating the future of the company’s data needs, including their predicted future digitalization projects and customer requests.
  • Today, SWEN uses DataGalaxy’s Data Dictionary, Usages, and Chrome extension to easily share data knowledge among the entire organization.

Industry: Asset and investment management

Headquarters: France

Workforce: 110 employees

Financial data: $46M turnover in 2023

Pascal Carpentier DNDI

Our main challenges and objectives were to ensure that all the teams spoke the same language, and that everyone had the same definitions and calculation formulas.

Maxime Dumas
Data Governance and Reporting Manager

Project background and strategic challenges

As a growing asset management and investment company, SWEN Capital Partners regularly deals with enormous amounts of data that must consistently remain secure and high quality. Because of this, SWEN’s data governance plan needed to include:

  • Informed decision-making (Strategic or investment)
  • Customization of investment strategies
  • Regulatory compliance, internal controls
  • Respect for ESG commitments and impacts
  • Risk management
  • Performance assessment and reporting
  • Operational management and information optimization

Therefore, having a robust data management plan was necessary for SWEN to win the trust of the private markets they work with and to remain compliant with emerging regulations in the asset management field.

SWEN Capital Partners turned to DataGalaxy to complete their organization’s data transformation due to the platform’s user-friendly, flexible interface.

Data Catalog implementation process

To begin setting up their data governance framework, SWEN began by evaluating the future of the company’s data needs, including their predicted digitalization and customer requests. SWEN’s data teams saw that, as the company’s strategies became increasingly diversified, the volume of data increased significantly, as did the number of new employees joining the teams. As a result, SWEN’s data teams needed to centralize and share data knowledge to avoid accumulating massive data backlogs.

The main objectives for SWEN’s data transformation were:

  • Achieve a harmonious data environment
  • Share data knowledge among their various teams
  • Master their data and application environment, which tends to grow more complex as the business develops
  • Improve the overall quality of data while involving their employees in every step

Because the subject of data governance was still a new concept at SWEN, the data team worked with Layer Data to develop their data management skills. Together, SWEN and Layer Data created their data management model, data strategy, and implementation.

Next, SWEN worked to complete their Business Glossary with the help of their teams throughout the company. The data team nominated “Champions” within the company’s groups to share the importance of data governance in their everyday routines.

Results of using DataGalaxy


The creation of a solid, reliable knowledge base


Data is available to the entire team

All teams feel included in SWEN’s data transformation

The benefits of DataGalaxy according to SWEN Capital Partners

  • The DataGalaxy Chrome extension, which helps Swen’s teams utilize the platform without having to connect to multiple tools
  • Easily integrates Hubspot information due to DataGalaxy’s connector
  • The DataGalaxy Data Dictionary, which enables Swen to liaise with the technical teams
  • The Usages feature, which enables Swen to more easily reference their internal reports and dashboards

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