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Up Coop

Up Coop uses DataGalaxy to boost their overall operational efficiency with data documentation and visualization tools

By documenting CRM quality management policies, we were able to clean 10% of our client base in six months.

Clara Bertetto
Up Coop Data Project Manager

customer overview

Up Coop

Up Coop is an independent international group whose parent company is a cooperative and participatory society: It belongs to its employees. The organization connects individuals, businesses, and regions to develop management, transaction, and relationship platforms that contribute to overall well-being and performance.

Up Coop designs integrated solutions (vouchers, cards, mobile applications, web platforms, and more) for meals, gifts, culture, leisure, vacation, personal services, training, education, health, social assistance, and business expenses.

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Industry : Financial Services

Headquarters: Gennevilliers, France

Workforce: 2,951 employes

Financials: Turnover of €566M in 2021

Strategic Thrusts:

  • Defend purchasing power for social and local benefits
  • Give companies and communities the means for high quality of life and purchasing power thanks to payment solutions and services
  • Advocate for a more durable society that puts people at the heart of the economy

DataGalaxy’s Data Knowledge Catalog enabled us to visualize our information system in one glance so we can easily onboard new teams on our upcoming IT and data projects.

Olivier Ricot
Up Coop Data Governance Manager

The Up Coop data management project

Up Coop was looking for an intuitive software solution to bring together its numerous data sources, repositories, and IT solutions. They wanted to bring all of their information together on one platform. They needed a data storage solution to help all data employees visualize their entire data ecosystem and take ownership of data within their sectors.

When it turned to DataGalaxy’s Data Catalog 360°, Up Coop’s data structure was still being created, so it was important they had support in implementing their data catalog. Getting the help they needed was an important criteria regarding the choice of the data management solution.



    Up Coop needed a tool that could provide practical solutions beyond the simple documentation of data, property, and IT solutions. They needed a software solution that could:

  • Verify data quality and generate related performance indicators
  • Allow them to continue to offer quality services to retailers and to improve operational efficiency for the entire organization
  • Provide data visualization to ensure all signed contract contracts were respected
  • Add value to their data sets and to provide risk management for RGPD and security measures
  • Continue to provide value in the long term

Implementating the Up Coop data catalog

Up Coop’s team knew they needed a platform that was more than just a documentation tool: They wanted a data catalog that was integrated into a larger organizational approach of data growth management and an assessment of the work processes.

A key step of this project was to redesign Up Coop’s marketing indicators, allowing teams to provide context and additional meaning to the data collected by their new management tool.

Clara Bertetto
Up Coop Data Project Manager

“When we looked for a data catalog tool, DataGalaxy was the solution provider that best met our needs. They immediately understood our problems and brought us the most rapid and efficient solution.”

The DataGalaxy solution

Clara Bertetto
Up Coop Data Project Manager

“We documented our information system on a specific market. In the future, we’ll be using DataGalaxy’s Data Knowledge Catalog to document even more markets and information systems so we can keep track of 100% of our datasets.”

DataGalaxy’s Data Knowledge Catalog was the perfect tool to help Up Coop document business processes, offers, and services associated with each of their existing IT tools.

DataGalaxy’s Data Knowledge Catalog business glossary centralized Up Coop’s personalized definitions to enable their employees to speak the same language and bridge the gap between business and IT teams.

Additionally, DataGalaxy helped Up Coop to share datasets produced by various business services to ensure the company’s data is utilized in a smart, fluid, useful way for all users.In the future, Up Coop has plans to use their Data Knowledge Catalog to link all their modeling architecture toolkits, BPMN, and business processes.

Up Coop’s observed ROI

Data quality

Documenting management rules resulted in cleaning 10% of their customer base in only 6 months

Simplified data access

Visualization of their entire information system at a glance

Operational efficiency

Thorough documentation of all the management rules for their information systems

Simplified onboarding

The ability to easily onboard new teams on IT, technical, or data projects

Why Up Coop loves DataGalaxy

  • Easy implementation and many functionalities
  • Variety and useful connectors to easily implement data, such as DataBricks
  • Customer Service teams that answered all questions and gave advice to keep team members excited to use the platform
  • The quality of DataGalaxy’s support team, they are really listening and waiting for feedback to improve their platform

The Up Coop technology stack

Power BI

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