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Collaborative Data Governance

Unleash the collaborative potential of your teams to identify, define, and strengthen your data governance

Data is more effective with proper data governance. Faced with a large influx of data, managing the availability, usability, integrity and security of the data in enterprise systems is essential to channel data flows and reap the benefits for your entire organization.

An intuitive platform designed for data governance

Good data governance can protect your company from serious data issues. By ensuring all data in your enterprise is tracked, cataloged, and protected, your company can make better, more informed decisions.

The Data Galaxy Difference
DataGalaxy’s Data Knowledge Catalog helps companies create data governance programs in a collaborative and iterative way. Our teams are specialized in data governance, and we help teams continuously review, refine, and improve your data governance program based on feedback, evolving business needs, and regulatory changes.

Crowdsourcing your data curation

Developing a robust data governance framework is essential to provide structure and guidelines for your data governance initiative. DataGalaxy helps organizations establish a governance structure that defines roles, responsibilities, and decision-making processes. This includes appointing Data Stewards, data owners, and establishing a data governance council or committee.

Sharing common knowledge

More than ever, data is at the heart of digital transformation. The success of the transformation depends on the collaboration of business and IT teams. DataGalaxy helps all users contribute and share in real time a common knowledge of data beyond organizational silos.

Discover The Data Knowledge Catalog

The Data Knowledge Catalog

Easy access to you and your teams' entire data knowledge

Processing Catalog

Control on how your data assets are transformed and used as an organizational asset

Business Glossary

Bridge the gap between business, IT, and technical teams

Data Lineage

In-depth visual analytics tracking, research, and visualization

DataGalaxy Connectors

Our library of 70+ ready-to-go connectors to effortlessly identify and map your organizational data, processings, and usages

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