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Enhancing the Data Valuation Through Data Governance

Don’t waste any more time searching, concentrate on the essential, the valorisation of your data.

Whether for business intelligence, data visualization or data science, mastering data knowledge is essential to serve new uses and growing needs in terms of data enhancement.

All the players in the data value chain must access and explore the company’s data sources and collaborate under the same processing conditions. All in real time.

Explore company data sources

Most data teams spend more than 50% of their time searching and qualifying corporate data sources. Between different systems, technologies and formats, finding the right data is an obstacle course.

With DataGalaxy, all your data sources are inventoried and indexed in a true shared catalog. Finding and exploring a data source will never again exceed the time of a simple search.

Simplify the sharing of knowledge about your treatments

You manage a considerable amount of processing and produce new data mapping every day.

But it’s always the same anxiety when specifying or browsing through the documentation of these processes. DataGalaxy allows you to centralize and publish a catalog of your treatments and their data mapping.

Reliable communication and trust in your data assets

No more endless chains of e-mails and waiting for a knowledgeable person to return to understand or validate the definition of an indicator or data.

With DataGalaxy your team collaborates around a real contextualized knowledge base of your data. No more doubts and blockages, the knowledge of your data is self-service.

Discover The Data Knowledge Catalog

The Data Knowledge Catalog

Easy access to you and your teams' entire data knowledge

Processing Catalog

Control on how your data assets are transformed and used as an organizational asset

Business Glossary

Bridge the gap between business, IT, and technical teams

Data Lineage

In-depth visual analytics tracking, research, and visualization

DataGalaxy Connectors

Our library of 70+ ready-to-go connectors to effortlessly identify and map your organizational data, processings, and usages

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