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The business glossary is the knowledge base that allows employees to define, maintain and share the definition of company data.

  • A living knowledge base
  • Understand the data independently
  • Participate in the evolution of the data definition

The unified data dictionary for the entire enterprise

  • SQL, NoSQL, you don’t have to choose!

DataGalaxy is entirely technology agnostic. You can catalog all your sources and structures and manage their evolution over time.

  • Save time

Don’t waste time searching for your data, DataGalaxy allows you to find and locate the storage location of the data you are interested in and all its attributes.

  • Infinitely customizable

You can adapt your catalog to your organization’s specific needs thanks to customizable attributes.

Don’t look any further… find it!

Most data teams spend more than 50% of their time searching for and qualifying corporate data sources.

Between different systems, technologies, and spreadsheets, finding the right information can be an obstacle course.

Inventory and index the entire context of your data with DataGalaxy. Access to knowledge will never be longer than a simple search!

With Data Lineage, don’t waste any more time tracing the path of your data!

All the players in the data development chain have access to lineage visualizations adapted to locating and tracing the transformation path or analyzing the impact of a change in data or usage.

Your company’s information system is complex. Data flows and the number of applications evolve every day. The traceability of data and the suitability of the uses of your data are essential to control technical risks, as well as business and compliance risks.

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