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Banking & finance

Increased metadata ROI with a comprehensive data catalog.

From regulatory compliance to risk management & fraud detection, DataGalaxy’s tailored solutions helps the banking and finance industries streamline data management, enhance data quality, mitigate risks, and gain deeper insights into customer behavior.

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The banking industry produces and consumes a massive amount of data and metadata on a daily basis, including account, customer, credit, loan, market, and regulatory information.

As digital banking channels grow in popularity, mobile banking apps, online transaction volume is growing exponentially, and private customer information is more abundant than ever.

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Centralized data knowledge

DataGalaxy’s Data Knowledge Catalog offers a secure, central spot for banking firms to store and discover metadata, streamlining data access and traceability. Its dynamic search bar, powered by natural language processing, simplifies data retrieval across various data assets.

This not only saves time but also promotes a culture of data literacy and self-service across the organization, adding significant value by improving overall data management and utilization.

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Homogeneous data

DataGalaxy’s Data Knowledge Catalog centers on creating a unified, easily understood knowledge base, with business glossaries playing a pivotal role. These glossaries standardize and enrich metadata, turning information into a strategic asset.

The integrated business glossary software ensures seamless collaboration across business, IT, and technical teams, enabling a shared language and informed decision-making. Features like in-app editing and commenting foster communication, keeping data at the forefront of your organization’s goals.

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Chrome & Edge extensions

Enhance your data management directly from your browser with DataGalaxy’s Chrome and Edge extensions. Seamlessly access and manage your organization’s metadata without leaving your navigator. Our extensions mirror the dynamic search bar of the main platform, providing fast and easy access to essential information.

This integration simplifies locating, contributing to, and collaborating on data assets, boosting efficiency and decision-making across your organization.

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A safe & secure platform

The security of customer data is a necessity for financial management companies and a big part of gaining competitive advantage in the race to manage data. DataGalaxy’s Data Knowledge Catalog helps financial management and banking organizations to adhere to strict regulation policies, including Solvency II, BCBS 239, CCPA, and GDPR.

This can include providing tools and capabilities for data quality, such as data cleansing, governance, and profiling, and support for data standards and definitions every step of an organization’s data management journey.

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“ Thanks to DataGalaxy, we can finally track data end-to-end and identify data ownership. DataGalaxy’s Data Knowledge Catalog has provided so many benefits for our organization, including a fully-documented functional and technical use case, a thorough algorithm library, and a clear identification of ownership between IT, business, data, and BI teams. ”
Emmanuel Dubois Swiss Life Chief Data Officer

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