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The banking industry produces and consumes a massive amount of data and metadata on a daily basis, including account, customer, credit, loan, market, and regulatory information. As digital banking channels grow in popularity, mobile banking apps, online transaction volume is growing exponentially, and private customer information is more abundant than ever.

Utilizing intuitive data management software can help banking and insurance teams gain critical insights into customer analytics, transactions, loan portfolios, compliance records, and market data to drive informed business decisions. DataGalaxy’s Data Knowledge Catalog makes it easy for banking and insurance companies to manage their metadata library and accelerate processes, reduce costs, ensure compliance, and eliminate data silos no matter employee specialty or level of technical know-how.

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FLOA Bank, member of the BNP Paribas international conglomerate, provides split payment options, bank cards, insurance, and “mini-credits” to its more than 4 million customers across Europe. Learn more about ways the fintech gem uses DataGalaxy’s Data Knowledge Catalog to unite employees and improve corporate data management skills.

Customer story

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Centralized data knowledge

DataGalaxy’s Data Knowledge Catalog provides a secure, central repository for all banking companies’ metadata, making it easier for employees to access, find, and trace  the data they need. Whether you’re searching through data sources, processing, business glossary, or usages, The Data Knowledge Catalog makes it easy to immediately retrieve the most relevant results in just a few clicks.

The software’s dynamic search bar features natural language processing to provide easy access to all your business’ data knowledge, no matter your level of technical knowledge. Improve efficiency, drive  productivity, and support data-driven decision-making with our self-service semantic search bar (yes, even with typos!)

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Homogeneous data for all

The first step of data governance is to build a homogenous, understandable knowledge reservoir. Business glossaries are the cornerstone of the modern data knowledge catalog: They help to standardize, optimize, and modernize metadata to help your organization leverage information as an asset.

The Data Knowledge Catalog integrated business glossary software bridges the gap between business, IT, and technical teams, allowing users to speak the same language, share critical insights, and drive informed decision-making practices. Our collaborative tools allow for in-app editing, suggesting, and commenting to enhance communication among all teams, making sure you can keep data at the heart of your organization.

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Chrome & Edge extensions

With the granular insights Locate, contribute, and collaborate on all your data assets directly from your browser! Our Chrome and Edge browser extensions help you manage your organization’s metadata without leaving the comfort of your navigator. Using the same dynamic search bar as the software, our extensions provide users easy access to the information you need, faster than ever before.

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A safe & secure platform

The security of customer data is a necessity for financial management companies and a big part of gaining competitive advantage in the race to manage data. DataGalaxy’s Data Knowledge Catalog helps financial management and banking organizations to adhere to strict regulation policies, including Solvency II, BCBS 239, CCPA, and GDPR. This can include providing tools and capabilities for data quality, such as data cleansing, governance, and profiling, and support for data standards and definitions every step of an organization’s data management journey.

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