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DataGalaxy x Microsoft Teams

Stay informed, engaged, and on top of your data by seamlessly connecting your DataGalaxy workspace with your Microsoft Teams environment.

Experience real-time notifications, instant updates, and streamlined communication in one centralized hub.

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Stay up-to-date, instantly

No more endless scrolling or searching for updates: With DataGalaxy’s Microsoft Teams integration, you’ll receive notifications directly within your Teams workspace whenever there’s activity related to the objects you’ve bookmarked in the Data Knowledge Catalog.

Whether it’s a change in status, an important update, or a new comment, you’ll be the first to know, ensuring you never miss a beat.

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Engage and collaborate effortlessly

With a simple click, users can transition from Microsoft Teams discussions to the heart of the DataGalaxy Data Knowledge Catalog platform, enabling swift movement between collaborative conversations and data exploration.

This integration simplifies workflows and enhances teamwork, creating an environment where informed decision-making and effective collaboration come together seamlessly.

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Task management at your fingertips

Once a task is assigned to you in DataGalaxy’s Data Knowledge Catalog, a notification will promptly appear in your Teams workspace. This streamlined process ensures you can focus on staying organized, tracking tasks, and ensuring your projects maintain smooth momentum without any concern of missing notifications or deadlines.

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“ Thanks to DataGalaxy, we can finally track data end-to-end and identify data ownership. DataGalaxy’s Data Knowledge Catalog has provided so many benefits for our organization, including a fully-documented functional and technical use case, a thorough algorithm library, and a clear identification of ownership between IT, business, data, and BI teams. ”
Emmanuel Dubois Swiss Life Chief Data Officer

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