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Search & Discovery

Easy access to your company’s entire data catalog in one click

Whether searching through your data sources, processings, Business Glossary, or usages, DataGalaxy’s Data Knowledge Catalog’s dynamic search bar provides easy access to all your business’ data knowledge at your fingertips.

Our intuitive suggestions, filters and facets, and natural language features make finding data easier than ever before (even with typos!)

“We have improved our time to market on business intelligence projects by tracking, locating, and sharing business knowledge that is now shared on the DataGalaxy platform.”


Vincent Chalmel

What is a Self-Service Search Engine?

Self-service search engines are key to an efficient, data-driven organization: They empower teams to quickly find the data they need to derive valuable insights and drive informed decision-making.

The DataGalaxy Difference
DataGalaxy’s intuitive search features use natural language processing to create smooth, user-friendly data relationships to ensure team members can find what they need when they need it. Your company’s semantic Data Catalog can also be moderated to ensure the security of private, personal, and identifiable information.

The main benefits of DataGalaxy’s
Search & Discovery

Save time

Stop searching, start knowing! DataGalaxy’s Data Catalog maintains, organizes, and tracks information to optimize metadata research, saving both time and money.

Increase understanding

Each asset and datapoint is complete with rich documentation both up- and down-stream to ensure your teams have a total understanding of their data.

Informed decision-making

Additional context and specific filtering makes it easier than ever to make more meaningful, data-driven decisions that benefit the entire organization.

Eliminate data silos

Increase your organization’s global data knowledge to avoid information clusters and foster a collaborative culture of shared data insights.

Why our customers love
DataGalaxy’s Search & Discovery

Easily import your existing data stack

Our library of 70+ connectors and developer API program make it easy to import your organization’s existing data no matter its source. We partner with leading tech and data cloud management software like PowerBI, Snowflake, Google Looker, Tableau, and more to help ease data integration for all users.

DataGalaxy’s Data Catalog enables users to become active organizational Data Stewards and find all their assets in one simple, sophisticated search bar. From intuitive suggestions to natural language features, finding data has never been easier (even with typos!)

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Customization like never before

What you need, when you need it

The Data Knowledge Catalog’s Search & Discovery feature offers a dynamic search bar with multiple filters and facets to help you find the data you need no matter your business sector. Whether it exists in a table or its waiting to be organized, we dive deep to help you find all your existing data points.

Search, find, & use

Comprehensive overviews for the whole team

The right data at the right moment to ensure a global comprehension and shared data language

The Data Knowledge Catalog offers a feature to toggle profiles and adapt your results based on users’ personal technical skills. This and our other collaborative tools enhance communication among business, IT, and technical departments to keep data at the heart of your organization.

Make the connection


Edge & Chrome browser extensions

Locate, contribute, and collaborate on all your data assets directly from your browser!

DataGalaxy’s Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge browser extensions give you the opportunity to manage your organization’s metadata without leaving the comfort of your navigator. Use the extensions with our platform’s dynamic search bar to easily easy access to the information you need faster than ever before.

Stop thinking, start knowing!

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All the features you need…

Natural language search

You don’t need technical jargon to find the right data

Recent searches

Access your recent search straight from your homepage

Recently viewed objects

Review your recently viewed objects with the click of a button


Find exactly what you need and discover related information along the way


Facets and filters make your research faster and more precise

Object card

Review all information from your objects in one click

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“DataGalaxy’s Data Knowledge Catalog has provided so many benefits for our organization, including a fully-documented functional and technical use case, a thorough algorithm library, and a clear identification of ownership between IT, BI, business, and data teams.”

Emmanuel Dubois
SwissLife Chief Data Officer

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