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Micropole is accelerating the transformation of companies through Data. From consulting to operational implementation, Micropole supports companies in their data strategy, and the associated organisational, human and technological transformations. Its mission: to help its customers stay one step ahead by exploiting the full potential of data to have a positive business impact, through innovation, whether technological, process or methodological. Its 1,200 expert consultants in Europe and China help their customers to understand the challenges of transforming their businesses and/or sectors through data. They design, build, secure and deploy operational and high-performance models at scale, to enable sustainable and responsible growth. To learn more, visit their website: Micropole
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 At Micropole, we are convinced that the future of businesses lies in their ability to control their data. Our collaboration with Data Galaxy reinforces our commitment to data governance for uncompromising operational efficiency. Together, we’re paving the way for innovation, shaping strategies that make a difference, and unlocking the full potential of data to propel our customers into a future where every piece of data counts, and every decision counts even more.

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Pascal Anthoine
Director of Data Governance & Management

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