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Data Analystslike DataGalaxy

Mia, Data Manager

Data Analysts 

Finding the right data is hard, especially when you have to work with multiple systems. I often find myself wondering if column X in System A is the same as column Y in System B. Having a data catalog would be a game-changer as it could provide me with accurate and up-to-date information about the data available in different systems, making my job much easier.

Why Data Analysts use DataGalaxy?

To ensure data discovery

To visualize metadata lifecycle

To integrate data analysis tools

To improve data compliance

Efficient Data Discovery

Data analysts need to be able to quickly find and access the data they need to conduct their analysis. DataGalaxy ensures data analysts search for specific data sets based on metadata such as data source, format, and location, and easily access the data they need without wasting time searching for it.

Metadata Lifecycle

DataGalaxy provides data lineage information, which helps data analysts understand how the data was created and processed, and ensures they are working with the most up-to-date data.

Key benefits for Data Analysts


Data Understanding


Product Strategy

Integrate with analysis tools

With Datagalaxy’s robust system and its ability to work harmoniously with other software tools, users can work efficiently and accurately, leading to enhanced productivity and improved results.

Compliance and Security

With DataGalaxy, data analysts understand which data sources are compliant, and which are not. Additionally, users will find information about the security measures that have been implemented to protect the data, which helps to make informed decisions about how to use the data safely and responsibly.

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Emmanuel Dubois, CDO

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