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Why DataGalaxy?

Finding the right data catalog is more crucial than ever.
But with so many options available, how do you know which one is truly the best fit for your needs? Discover how DataGalaxy can help take your company’s data strategy to the next level.

DataGalaxy’s business value

Ready in

1 day

Streamline your workflow with ease: Get your data catalog up-and-running in 24 hours

& intuitive

90% of our clients deploy their first use case in their first 6 weeks

Data catalog
solution leader

We’re a noted top data catalog with high rankings on both Gartner and G2


Securely access your data from anywhere, whether you prefer on-premise control or cloud scalability

user adoption

We understand the challenges of getting your team to fully embrace a new tool. That’s why we’ve made our data catalog user-friendly and intuitive with a simple and straightforward interface that your team can adopt in no time.

Plus, with integrations for popular platforms like Slack and Microsoft Teams, your teams can access and utilize the data they need without having to learn new tools.

Cloud & on-premise

DataGalaxy’s Data Knowledge Catalog is cloud-agnostic, so it’s compatible with the cloud platforms you’re already using.

Whether you prefer the control of on-premise solutions or the scalability of the cloud, our data catalog gives you the best of both worlds. Rest assured, your data will be organized, secure, and accessible, no matter where it’s stored.

Maximize user

With DataGalaxy’s centralized repository, users can save up to 50% of their time spent searching for data.

No more endless scrolling through multiple systems and databases – The Data Knowledge Catalog makes it easy to find the data they need, quickly and easily. With their newfound efficiency, your team will be more productive, leading to improved outcomes for the entire organization.

The connector
conundrum solved

We know that you may have existing data stored in multiple systems and databases, which is why we offer a wide range of connectors to bring all your data together in one place. Our connectors make it a breeze to integrate your data, giving your team access to all the data they need when they need it.

A smart investment
with significant ROI

Investing in DataGalaxy’s Data Knowledge Catalog presents an opportunity for a significant return on investment for your organization!

We help teams optimize processes and increase productivity, leading to a substantial improvement in both the operational and strategic performance of your business, regardless of the technology or platform employed.

Seamless integration
with your existing tools

The Data Knowledge Catalog is designed to be a complementary solution that seamlessly integrates with the tools and systems you already have in place.

You can start using our data catalog right away with no disruption to your existing technology stack.

Loved by the world’s best teams

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Once you get how it works, DataGalaxy will change your life!

Once you get how every module works and interconnects with the other ones, DataGalaxy is a real life and game changer regarding Data Governance. You can get any info you need on any of your data from its definition to all its usage (whether it’s a dashboard or an integration flow). It’s a real “throttle” to anyone using data.

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A real tool allowing easy access to data knowledge for everyone in the company

DataGalaxy proved to be a valuable tool for our team, providing us with valuable data insights that helped us make informed decisions. The platform was easy to use and allowed us to quickly access and analyze the data we needed to drive our business forward.

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Revolutionizing data collaboration with DataGalaxy

Using the DataGalaxy Data Knowledge Catalog has enabled us to share centralized and easily-accessible documentation, improved communication between IT and business teams, facilitated the onboarding of newcomers, and helped us change our up-stream project documentation process to avoid confusion and ensure a common repository.

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Find your data in under three seconds with DataGalaxy! Request a demo and achieve complete organizational data governance with our all-powerful, user-friendly Data Knowledge Catalog.

“ Thanks to DataGalaxy, we can finally track data end-to-end and identify data ownership. DataGalaxy’s Data Knowledge Catalog has provided so many benefits for our organization, including a fully-documented functional and technical use case, a thorough algorithm library, and a clear identification of ownership between IT, business, data, and BI teams. ”
Emmanuel Dubois Swiss Life Chief Data Officer

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