The best way towards Data Governance

A pragmatic solution for data teams success in their data governance initiatives

They embarked on our platform

Our vision

Data Governance cannot be imposed, deployed nor bought out of the shelve.

Data Governance is a new culture each organization should embrace and grow to succeed with its digital transformation


Have you already started your data governance journey?

The success of your data-centric transformation is not only a matter of tools or technologies. It is crucial to mobilize your teams around a common data culture approach.

Think like a DataBaker

Understand the unique DataGalaxy approach and maximize ther return on data.

Our Platform

The DataCatalogue 360° enables an end to end view of your data lifecycle

Data dictionnary

Identify and share the catalog of data stored in your various sources

Business Glossary

Identify and collaborate to define and share your business data knowledge

Processing Catalog

Identify and collaborate to describe and specify the data processing in a comprehensive registry

Usage Catalog

Identify and share your applications landscape and dashboards. Master the evolution of your data usage and understand its impact.

Our Data People

Data People are the daily users of data.

Data Governor

He is the owner of the Data Governance strategy ... but to govern, he should onboard all data teams into the data governance journey.

Data Manager

He structures the operational data governance within his perimeter and leads the data teams towards self-sufficience and agility.

Data Craftsman

Technical data expert, he devotes his skills to the business and looks for efficiency within the increasing complexity of the data sets he is managing

Data Prosumer

Business data expert, his thrist for data is insatiable. He wants to make the most out of the data as quickly as possible.