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DataGalaxy’s Campaigns 

On the fast-track to tailored data governance

DataGalaxy’s Campaigns ensure rapid deployment, expert management, and enhanced collaboration through customized workflows.

Accelerate your data governance journey with Campaigns: Precise, collaborative, and customizable solutions for all your teams.

“As organizations grow to understand data better, we consume it faster. Because of this, complex questions about data can be answered quicker than ever before. There’s a growing appetite on the part of businesses to utilize and completely rely on their data catalog.”


Eric Albertelli
mymoneybank CDL

The perks of using Campaigns

DataGalaxy’s Campaigns is an intuitive, customizable tool that streamlines your organization’s data governance initiation by enhancing deployment speed and accuracy.

Campaigns ensure expert management of your data with custom workflows and real-time collaboration to simplify complex data governance tasks and ensure quick, precise execution.

This module also fosters a more collaborative environment, enabling team members to work effectively together, ensuring that data is handled by the right experts with tailor-made processes to suit your specific needs.

Accelerating your data governance initiatives

Immediate launch

Quickly initiate your data governance protocols with Campaigns: Harness, evaluate, and utilize your valuable data for informed decision-making.

Kickstart your initiative by simply selecting your workflow and identifying the most important data objects for your project.

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Real-time collaboration & monitoring

Define operating rules, set campaign phases, and establish clear transitions and task assignments to ensure each data object is perfectly positioned for a relevant, reliable, and responsive operational framework.

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Intuitive process with expert involvement

Foster a culture of proactive collaboration among all your teams: From CDO to data stewards!

DataGalaxy’s Campaigns notifies relevant users when changes are made to ensure their expertise is used exactly where it’s needed. The result? A synergistic, error-minimized environment where data governance tasks are executed efficiently and effectively.

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Custom-tailored data campaigns

Each industry’s demands are unique, and flexibility is key in data governance. Whatever your sector’s requirements, Campaigns are equipped and ready to conform to your specific needs to ensure your data governance plan is comprehensive and representative of your enterprise’s distinct footprint.

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Find your data in under three seconds with DataGalaxy! Request a demo and achieve complete organizational data management and governance with our powerful, robust, and customizable Data Knowledge Catalog.

“DataGalaxy’s data catalog has provided so many benefits for our organization, including a fully-documented functional and technical use case, a thorough algorithm library, and a clear identification of ownership between IT, Business, Data, and BI teams.”

Emmanuel Dubois
SwissLife Chief Data Officer

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