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Business Glossary

Your personalized tool for streamlining organizational communication and improving user autonomy

The Data Knowledge Catalog’s Business Glossary software bridges the gap between business, IT, and technical teams by helping users speak the same language, share critical insights, and drive informed decision-making practices based on reliable datasets.

Our customers use DataGalaxy’s Business Glossary to establish meaningful connections between business concepts and the corresponding data assets to enhance data understanding and promote an efficient company-wide data governance plan.

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“As organizations grow to understand data better, we consume it faster. Because of this, complex questions about data can be answered quicker than ever before. There’s a growing appetite on the part of businesses to utilize and completely rely on their data catalog.”


Eric Albertelli
mymoneybank CDL

What is a Business Glossary?

Business Glossaries are the cornerstone of the modern data knowledge catalog: They help to standardize, optimize, and modernize metadata to help your organization leverage information as an asset. Business Glossaries bring together members of all organizational teams via a common data language, helping communication and achieving company goals.

The DataGalaxy difference:
DataGalaxy’s intuitive Business Glossary is designed to revolutionize your organization’s communication practices: By establishing a shared understanding your company’s most commonly used terms, our comprehensive Business Glossary not only reduces misunderstanding, it also cultivates a culture of consistency, clarity, and collaboration.

The DataGalaxy Business Glossary seamlessly bridges the gaps among diverse teams to foster synergy, becoming an invaluable asset for large enterprises striving to optimize their operations.

Why our Business Glossary is
the most appreciated on the market

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Create a common language for your organization

Creating a comprehensive and easily-accessible repository for all your organization’s data terms and definitions empowers team to align their understanding and interpretation of crucial data concepts. Greater shared knowledge leads to greater data governance, ensuring accuracy, consistency, and seamless collaboration across all business teams.

Create a common language

Find every linked asset

By leveraging the Data Knowledge Catalog’s Business Glossary, organizations can establish meaningful connections between business concepts and the corresponding data assets. This not only enhances data understanding but also promotes efficient data governance and utilization.

With a clear and comprehensive view of linked assets, decision-makers can make informed choices, Data Analysts can explore relevant datasets, and stakeholders can collaborate more effectively.

Make the connection

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Knowledge sharing for every team

Establish a single source of truth for all data terminology, ensuring thatall teams are on the same page – From IT to sales, marketing, and more! By providing a central repository for terms and definitions, our business glossary promotes clarity and eliminates misunderstandings among all team members.

Shared knowledge for everyone


Built for you: A user-friendly
Business Glossary

All the features you need…

Assign tasks

Some Business Glossary items need updating? Ask your colleagues to add context or more information
directly in-app

Organize your way

Start your glossary from scratch or using one of our templates. Elaborate as much (or little!) as you like to fit your company structure

Break boundaires

Every member of your organization using the Business Glossary can instantly find the information they need

Get suggestions

Coworkers can collaborate, add comments, or ask questions with one click

Track activity and responsibility

Access data owner or steward information and review changes, edits, and version history with our integrated activity tracker

Easy importing

Our catalog of 70+ software connectors helps import your company’s CSV files quickly and easily

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“DataGalaxy’s data catalog has provided so many benefits for our organization, including a fully-documented functional and technical use case, a thorough algorithm library, and a clear identification of ownership between IT, BI, business, and data teams.”

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