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Critical Data Certification made easy

DataGalaxy ensures Critical Data Certification by employing a meticulous process that encompasses data profiling, validation, lineage tracking, and governance, ultimately guaranteeing data quality, accuracy, and reliability for informed decision-making.

Why companies use DataGalaxy for
Critical Data Certification?

To ensure data validation

To ensure data compliance

To enrich data documentation

To secure critical data

Data Validation and Standardization

By conducting thorough cross-checks against authoritative sources and adhering to consistent formats, DataGalaxy guarantees the availability of reliable and trustworthy data. This ensures that businesses can confidently utilize accurate information for decision-making, analytics, and other crucial operational activities.

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Automated Data Classification for Enhanced Protection

With DataGalaxy automated data classification capabilities, you classify data according to its sensitivity level. This ensures that sensitive data is appropriately protected and that access is limited to authorized personnel only.

Key Features for Critical Data Certification



Slack & Teams integrations

Empowering Effective Data Management with a Glossary

Ensure a rich data documentation glossary within DataGalaxy for effective communication and consistent data management. With a well-defined and easily accessible glossary, organizations can eliminate confusion, minimize misinterpretations, and promote consistent data practices, ultimately enhancing the overall efficiency and effectiveness of their data management processes.

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Securing Sensitive Data Access

With DataGalaxy, companies can define data access policies and roles, ensuring that only authorized users can access sensitive data. This helps maintain the confidentiality and integrity of critical information, mitigating the risk of unauthorized access or data breaches.

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Discover our Use Cases

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