DataGalaxy’s CDO Masterclass is an immersive, recurring three-day online experience that gives data professionals a unique opportunity to learn from the world’s top brands leading data-driven transformation. Each day of the CDO Masterclass is curated by industry experts and includes extensive content on practical case studies and industry best practices, a 30–60–90 day CDO guide, sample roadmaps, interactive activities, and CDO networking activities.

This blog post will discuss the top five key learnings from DataGalaxy’s CDO Masterclass Season 2, which included extensive content on practical case studies and industry best practices, including

  • Daily keynote speeches from industry leaders
  • Sample roadmaps from top organizations
  • Interaction with data professional peers and Masterclass leaders

Top 5 key learnings from CDO Masterclass Season 2

  • Generating value and value streams from data are not one-step processes that can be gathered from simply observing your data set. Learning from current events and trends can help you better understand your customers and their behaviors over time.
  • It’s essential to implement real-world use cases when proving the value and importance of a data quality plan in an organization. Too often, organizational decision-makers are unlikely to be interested in generating a new or updated data governance plan, but providing real results in specific use cases is a great way to capture attention and instill the importance of data governance with your entire organization.
  • To embark on a journey of change management, you must understand your company’s current data culture. Within your data governance strategy, CDOs and data professionals should create a change management plan to further ensure your data structure is future-proof and prove value within your company.
  • Critical data elements vary by group, organization, and industry. Any information that potentially affects critical business decisions can be considered critical. As such, it’s important to implement high-quality storage, organization, and management techniques for these critical data elements, and often use cases are the best way to create a strategy that works for you.
  • Data culture is best integrated with a multi-step approach that empowers employees to use data smartly, provides a governance strategy to define and protect data, implements correct technology to build a sustainable data architecture, and considers data value creation.

CDO Masterclass Season 2 featured participants representing 15 leading organizations from around the world. Discover what they had to say about their CDO Masterclass experience:

CDO Masterclass Season2

CDOMasterclass Season 2

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