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The manufacturing industry generates vast amounts of data at every stage of the production process, from design and raw material procurement to assembly, testing, and distribution. Data catalogs can helps manufacturing organizations streamline data management, enhance governance, and leverage advanced analytics in one centralized hub.

DataGalaxy’s Data Knowledge Catalog is no stranger to manufacturing data management: Product, quality control, supply chain, and IoT data can be tracked, labeled, and traced over time to keep your organization in line with your needs.





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Customer Story:

Datagalaxy has allowed us to have a centralized data documentation that is easy to use and enables us to answer customer questions in real time.”

Haulotte is a European leader of lifting equipment that designs, manufactures, and markets a wide range of aerial work platforms. The group has defined three major strategic axes: Become a blue company, transform into a full solution provider, and the achieve status as a best-in class service level agreement provider on the market.

Xavier Macé
Haulotte Digital Innovation Lab Associate

Customer story

Simplifying data management for the manufacturing industry

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PLM integration

DataGalaxy integrates with product lifecycle management (PLM) systems and allows manufacturers to effectively manage product-related data throughout its lifecycle. This integration ensures that engineering teams have visibility into design specifications, version control, bill of materials (BOM), and other critical product information.

By providing a unified view of product data, DataGalaxy enhances collaboration, reduces errors, and accelerates time-to-market for all businesses in manufacturing.

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Supply chain optimization

Manufacturers heavily rely on their supply chain networks to ensure timely delivery of materials and components. DataGalaxy integrates with supply chain systems, aggregating data from suppliers, logistics providers, and inventory management tools.

This integration enables manufacturers to gain real-time visibility into their supply chain performance, identify potential bottlenecks, optimize inventory levels, and proactively address disruptions, improving overall supply chain efficiency.

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Quality control & compliance

Maintaining stringent quality control and adhering to regulatory compliance are paramount in the manufacturing industry. DataGalaxy’s Data Knowledge Catalog can store and manage quality control data, inspection reports, compliance documents, and certifications. This allows manufacturers to easily trace the quality history of products, track non-conformities, and ensure compliance with industry standards and regulations.

By leveraging the Data Knowledge Catalog, manufacturers can enhance product quality, minimize recalls, and mitigate compliance risks.

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Predictive maintenance & equipment optimization

Manufacturing equipment plays a critical role in production efficiency and minimizing downtime. DataGalaxy integrated with sensor data from IoT devices and equipment monitoring systems enables manufacturers to implement predictive maintenance strategies.

By analyzing historical and real-time equipment data, manufacturers can identify patterns, detect anomalies, and predict maintenance needs. This proactive approach helps optimize equipment performance, minimize unplanned downtime, and reduce maintenance costs.

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