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Finally, data governance is at your fingertips

DataGalaxy’s Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge browser extensions help manage your organization’s metadata without ever leaving the comfort of your navigator.


Data assets: One click away

Developing a data culture and growing organic adoption Organizational data culture develops and blossoms when users find useful, low-friction, ways to make their jobs easier.

Discover the benefits and download the extensions below to get started importing your information more easily than ever before.
“DataGalaxy’s strength lies in its ability to address different audiences within the company. When setting up a data governance system, one of the key points is involving the company’s stakeholders and their data acculturation. DataGalaxy has done a great deal of work to the user interface to encourage stakeholder involvement, and to support the adoption of the tool by taking into account both operational and technical users.”

Anthony Morand

Data Consultant

Browser extensions packed with power

Search directly in your browser

Use full text search to find any object you need, from tables and reports to columns and indicators.

Our search results are ranked by relevance, with “exact match” objects highlighted for quick access. Refine your search even further with our dynamic quick filters that adjust to your search results so you can zero-in on the data you need faster than ever.

Search browser - DataGalaxy Logo

Fantastic tool if you want to start a data cataloging/data governance initiative

Foster a strong data culture

Our browser extension doesn’t just supply knowledge – It also gives users an easy way to capture knowledge and share it with their team members.

Connecting with colleagues, tagging important assets, and adding rich descriptions help users become more data-driven than ever before.

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Social interaction & networking

Our intuitive comments section lets you share your thoughts and feedback with colleagues so everyone stays in the loop.

Collaborating with colleagues directly through our browser extensions can help increase productivity and achieve greater success as a team. Take your collaboration to the next level with our extension and see the results for yourself!

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DataGalaxy is like a Google search for our internal metadata

Explore your objects

By using the “Linked objects” and “Descendants” tabs shows users the context and hierarchy of their objects and discover related objects with just one click.

Let’s say you’re viewing a report field: You can easily navigate to the corresponding column in the data dictionary or the indicator defined in the glossary as associated with that field.

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Directly search from a web page

DataGalaxy’s Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge browser extensions help users get organized by providing the ability to simply highlight text in any webpage to immediately share it to the Data Knowledge Catalog platform to open everything it knows related to the text.

Search browser - DataGalaxy Logo

DataGalaxy: A central tool for the deployment of data governance


DataGalaxy is very useful to answer all our questions about our data platform

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Find your data in under three seconds with DataGalaxy! Request a demo and achieve complete organizational data governance with our all-powerful, user-friendly Data Knowledge Catalog.

“ Thanks to DataGalaxy, we can finally track data end-to-end and identify data ownership. DataGalaxy’s Data Knowledge Catalog has provided so many benefits for our organization, including a fully-documented functional and technical use case, a thorough algorithm library, and a clear identification of ownership between IT, business, data, and BI teams. ”
Emmanuel Dubois Swiss Life Chief Data Officer

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