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Data Lineage

Explore, personalize, and visualize your end-to-end data journey so you never lose control

DataGalaxy’s Data Knowledge Catalog provides in-depth visual analytics tracking, research, and visualization capabilities with up-and down-stream lineage reporting that allows users to assess and control their entire data journey.

Our intuitive column-level insight tracking software shows a clear picture of your organization’s entire metadata catalog and provides all the tools you need to quickly share insights and export key takeaways.

Analyze, understand, and visualize your data’s entire life story and make plans for where it’s going next with our secure, versatile Data Lineage capabilities.

“Using the DataGalaxy Data Knowledge Catalog has enabled us to share centralized and easily-accessible documentation, improved communication between IT and business teams, facilitated the onboarding of newcomers, and helped us change our up-stream project documentation process to avoid confusion and ensure a common repository.”


Marianne Camlann
Alptis Data Manager

What is Data Lineage?

Data lineage provides an all-in-one visualization of your data’s journey through a clear mapping tools that define the origins and transformations of data. It is an essential step in any data governance strategy that helps manage risk by troubleshooting issues, locating otherwise hidden information, and communicating change impact.

Traditional Data Lineage
Traditional data lineage tracking is clunky, time-consuming, and nearly impossible to maintain: By ignorning the finier metadata, this technique merely incorporates data’s technical associations, such as the related objects needed to load particular information.

The DataGalaxy Difference
DataGalaxy’s intuitive Data Knowledge Catalog employs a modern metadata management plan that features in-depth information about conceptual data at scale. This technology helps users understand and track technical and inferential metadata, allowing for a more complex, purposeful data relationship.

Our data lineage visualization tools helps users of all disciplines and levels understand the complicated up- and down-stream journey data takes within their organization.

The main benefits of
DataGalaxy’s Data Lineage Tools

Improve your KPIs

Leverage your data to drive smarter business decisions for all internal teams

Save time

Reduce time spent looking for data, find it where it belongs!

Build a trustworthy dataset

Remove the guesswork – Build your analytics reports on factual, verified data

Ensure compliance

Know exactly where your data comes from, who has access to it, and how it is used

Why customers love DataGalaxy’s
Data Lineage Tool


Follow the complete path of your data

Data traceability and suitability are essential to assess compliance and business risks, but tracking an organization’s entire information system can be a daunting task.

DataGalaxy’s Data Lineage tools simplify processes for tracking data over time by providing intuitive suggestions based on related data points up- and down-stream, taking the guesswork out of data relationships.

Trace the path

Comprehensive overviews in the blink of an eye!

The Data Knowledge Catalog helps users easily trace their entire metadata transformation path, analyze impacts of changes in the chain, oversee modifications to the entire data set, and identify and mitigate risks before they happen. This birds-eye-view can help prevent future risks, solve pipeline issues, demonstrate impact analysis, and drive future changes.

The Data Knowledge Catalog’s integrated data lineage tools make it easy to explore, customize, and visualize your end-to-end data journey so your teams never lose control.

Everything you need in one place

Automated column-level analysis

Prevent data risks and track usage as needed

The Data Knowledge Catalog provides fully-automated column-level lineage tracking that can help to prevent future risk, solve pipeline issues, demonstrate impact analysis, and drive data-based changes.

Empower your team to easily trace your metadata transformation path, analyze change impacts, oversee modifications to the entire data set, and identify and mitigate risks before they happen. Additionally, integrated message and comment features allow team members to share insights, propose changes, or provide context to ensure your data catalog is reliable, updated, and verified.

Make the connection


All the features you need…

Lineage up-
and down-stream

Track your data’s journey from A to Z

Data governance

Monitor access controls for sensitive information

Highlight data paths

Spotlight the path most important for you

Alerts, comments, and tasks

Generate automatic alterts, comments, and tasks to collaborate on your most important projects

Team collaboration

Partner with colleagues to create cohesive, multidisciplinary reports

Export and save

Easily share your findings with partners and stakeholders

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“Using DataGalaxy has provided many benefits for our organization such as fully-documented functional and technical use cases, the creation of an algorithm library, and clear identification of ownership for IT, business, data science, and BI teams.”

Emmanuel Dubois,
SwissLife Chief Data Officer

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