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Eramet uses DataGalaxy to unite its teams with centralized data knowledge and well-rounded data governance approach.

Thanks to our data catalog, we are able to bring business teams on board in a clear, tangible way, when normally a data governance approach is sometimes obscure or abstract.

Jean-Loup Loyer
Eramet Chief Data & Analytics Officer

DNDi Case Study

customer overview


Global mining and metals group, Eramet is committed to sustainable, responsible industrial development. Eramet is present in 20 countries, actively developing activities with high growth potential, and supporting sustainable energy transition by positioning itself in the metals of the future.

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Key info:

Eramet’s goal is to become a benchmark in the responsible processing of the Earth’s mineral resources for the benefit of all. This ambition is underpinned by two strategic priorities:

  • Grow in metals for global economic development (manganese, nickel, and mineralized sands)
  • Developing critical metals for an energy transition (lithium, nickel/cobalt salts, and battery recycling)

Industry: Industry and manufacturing

Headquarters: France

Workforce: 12,000 employees

Financials:  €3.668 billion

Pascal Carpentier DNDI

With DataGalaxy, the mapping of data sources is now clear and shared with everyone, enabling knowledge to be capitalized on. Thanks to our Business Glossary, our business terms are defined by various teams, enabling better collaborative work and more reliable reporting. Our employees feel much more involved in the process and contribute to the growth of data governance.

Jean-Loup Loyer
Eramet Chief Data & Analytics Officer

Implementing DataGalaxy

  • Eramet began their DataGalaxy implementation strategy with identification and prioritization of their use cases based on value and feasibility, in line with the strategy of each of their subsidiaries.
  • Then, they began carrying out data governance projects with agile approaches that work through successive iterations aimed at delivering value to their IT departments and technical management.

Results of using DataGalaxy


Mapping of data sources to visualize and observe existing assets and understand which data sources feed projects


Building the Business Glossary to define business themes, share information among employees, and produce reliable reports that are shared and accepted by all team members


DataGalaxy’s Data Lineage tool makes it possible to trace Eramet’s entire data path, and lifecycle to identify potential risks

Why Eramet loves DataGalaxy

Eramet’s teams have seen several concrete results from implementing DataGalaxy, including:


  • Real time savings for operational teams, who benefit from better-shared definitions and a better understanding of their data assets
  • Better decision-making thanks to well defined KPIs and high quality data

Jean-Loup Loyer
Eramet Chief Data & Analytics Officer

“Because DataGalaxy is cybersecurity certified, our colleagues in the IT department were very quickly reassured and we were able to work hand in hand with them to deploy the software.”

Eramet’s tech stack

Oracle offers a comprehensive and fully integrated stack of cloud applications and cloud platform services.



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