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B2B database and intelligence company EXPLORE uses DataGalaxy to pilot its data flows and manage their data’s entire life cycle

customer overview


For more than 20 years, EXPLORE has been pursuing the development of an original data-driven business intelligence model to serve its clients performance. The essence of their activity can be summed up in a few words: Indicate the weak or strong signals useful for generating business and securing the client portfolio.

Industry: Professional and Business Services

Headquarters: Carquefou, France

Workforce: 170 employees

Financials: turnover of €7.5M in 2019

Strategic positioning:

  • Data intelligence serving
    real estate and construction organizations
  • Territories & tnvironment

We have improved our time-to-market on business intelligence projects by avoiding the need to go through a whole bunch of intermediaries holding knowledge that is now shared in Datagalaxy.


Vincent Chalmel
EXPLORE Chief Data Office


For EXPLORE, the importance of reconciling visions of data had become clear. The EXPLORE data management roadmap focused on 4 key pillars:





just the facts

The implementation of the EXPLORE data catalog focused on:

  • Reconcile: Share the same definitions on all concepts
  • Pilot: Improve the process of data flows

The EXPLORE project methodology addressed the following key points:

  • Provide visibility to customers regarding the data catalog
  • Facilitate the information sharing between teams
  • Accelerate the information retrieval process for project implementation

The EXPLORE technology stack

SQL server

Elastic search

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