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SPB Group

SPB Group uses DataGalaxy to make data knowledge accessible, build a common language, and map their data

I recommend DataGalaxy for the ease of use of its platform, the responsiveness of its teams, and its ability to constantly evolve in line with business needs.

Faouzi Chaibi
Data Governance Manager – SPB Group

customer overview

SPB Group

SPB Group designs and manages insurance and assistance offers for everyday products and services, including banking, telecommunication, distribution, mobility, travel, energy, and health equipment. SPB group also specializes in the repair, reconditioning, and recycling of electronic products through its subsidiary Save.

Founded in 1965 and present in 16 countries, SPB is a family-owned, independent company that caters to both businesses and individuals.

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Key info:

  • Digital transformation is at the heart of the SPB Group’s challenges, including sharing data knowledge as widely as possible and breaking down silos among teams
  • In 2022, SPB’s data department decided to equip itself with a data catalog in order to implement data governance
  • Today, DataGalaxy’s Data Knowledge Catalog is used by over 150 SPB business users

Industry: Insurance

Headquarters: France

Workforce: 1,200 employees

Financials: Turnover of €143.3M

Our advice to facilitate Data Knowledge Catalog adoption by business teams is to feed the tool with real-life cases and communicate about the tool via various medias, such as webinars.

Faouzi Chaibi
Data Governance Manager – SPB Group

SPB project background & strategy

Data is a fundamental asset in SPB’s strategy: Collecting data in real time enables them to monitor the results of insurance products, control risks, and ensure the longevity of contracts while optimizing the profitability of their key account partners.

SPB faced three main challenges before implementing DataGalaxy:

  • Capitalize on and make accessible knowledge of data assets
  • Harmonize and create a common language among all teams, including business, data, and IT
  • Efficient data mapping

SPB was looking for a simple, intuitive tool for business users to:

  • Secure knowledge
  • Guide users to storage locations
  • Protect data according to its sensitivity
  • Link data to usages

DataGalaxy caught their attention because of its ease of use for all teams, and their choice was further accelerated by the tool’s simple implementation process. SPB Group was also interested in DataGalaxy’s data lineage tools so they could trace data from source to use.

Implementing the SPB Data Knowledge Catalog

In SPB’s implementation of DataGalaxy’s Data Knowledge Catalog, the group’s data governance team acted as the tool’s administrator, communicating between the business and IT teams to feed the various DataGalaxy modules.

Their next step was to deploy The Data Knowledge Catalog to over 150 SPB business users using the browser extension developed by DataGalaxy. To do this, they focused on user acculturation around the tool by feeding it with concrete cases to encourage increased team use.

Solutions achieved using DataGalaxy

  • Creation of a common language with the definition of 400 business terms
  • RGPD compliance with the identification of 500 sensitive data using a tag
  • Complete traceability of data from source to use with data lineage, with over 10 use cases created including reports, dashboards, and more
  • Data-driven transformation: Deployment of DataGalaxy to 150 business users

The benefits of using DataGalaxy according to SPB

DataGalaxy’s Metabot

provides suggestion-based data classification systems

DataGalaxy team responsiveness

available for all user requests 24/7

User-friendly platform

is an easy-to-use, intuitive solution for users of all kinds

Continuous evolution of the platform

in line with business needs fed by the User Voice program

SPB’s technology stack

Power BI

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