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My Money Bank

Major French bank, My Money Bank, uses DataGalaxy to streamline its data management processes and reclaim its data assets

customer overview

Money Bank

My Money Bank is an independent French bank offering credit consolidation, professional real estate financing, automobile financing, consumer credit, and deposits. It operates in mainland France and overseas territories.

My Money Bank is among one of the most established organizations in the French debt refinancing market, offering savings solutions, financial services, and insurance products with its vast network of partners and specialist brokers around the world.

Industry: Banking

Headquarters: Paris, France

Workforce: 450+ employees

Financials: €2.8B deposit base, €2.8B outstanding loans

Strategic evolution:

  • An independent French bank to become a key
    player in the European financial 
    market with a focus on customer proximity

At My Money Bank, we’ve been able to answer complex questions about data more quickly and there is growing demand from the business asking to complete the data catalog. As we understand data better, we consume it faster.


Eric Albertelli
Entreprise Data Leader
My Money Bank


In 2018, My Money Bank launched a program to overhaul its acquisition and management systems. The roadmap focuses on the following pillars:




just the facts

The implementation of My Money Bank’s data catalog focused on:

  • Documentation: Ensure that existing environments are documented as well as future projects
  • Consolidation: Follow best practices related to data governance
  • Improvement: Ensure a higher quality of deliverables

The My Money Bank data management project methodology addressed:

  • Speaking a common language within the company
  • Enabling better control of information quality
  • Allowing all employees to access the company’s knowledge as they need it

The My Money Bank technology stack



Power BI

Qlik Sense


Microsoft Dynamics

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