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Your Data

Manage your data knowledge assets on a powerful and user-friendly platform where curation, classification, governance and knowledge crowd-sourcing are made simple.
Perform heavy or complex tasks thanks to your AI steward MetaBot.
Create and explore interactive visual data knowledge with lineages and diagrams.

data catalog

Out of the box, unified and customizable Data Catalog

DataGalaxy’s knowledge graph is built to store the metadata scanned from your entire data stack: Data Dictionary, Processing Catalog, Usage Catalog. In just a few simple steps you catalog your entire stack and get valuable insights that you can start sharing.


Unify the business knowledge across your teams with the Business Glossary

Far from being a static lexicon, the glossary is positioned as a living knowledge base, sharing data information across the entire company.

Bridge the gap between business and IT through the relationship between glossary objects and the semantic layer, you can enrich your data understanding.

impact analysis

Visualize your data, up and downstream, with the column-level lineage

Explore and visualize your data, flowing from end to end, and keep control over them! Key to understanding how data flows, DataGalaxy’s data lineage is ideal to perform column-level impact analysis and avoid any system breach.

augmented data steward

Get valuable suggestions from MetaBot your AI Data Steward

Managing, classifying, documenting millions of meta data assets can be challenging. DataGalaxy’s MetaBot is a collection of intelligent agents that perform high value, heavy duty, data stewardship tasks.

MetaBot can for example suggest tags or evaluate description texts quality.

Start managing your
data knowledge