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When we say “Data to the People”, we mean it. While many other data catalogs focus their efforts on serving data teams, DataGalaxy is the only active meta data management tool with so many features built for business users.

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easy discovery

Discover trustable data recommended by your peers

Get immediate access to the most useful assets on your personalized discovery page. Promoted assets, popular sources, shared filtered views… We have everything you need when you don’t exactly know what you are looking for.

smart search

Augmented search with dynamic quick filters

A few seconds spent on our search bar will convince you that we are serious about search. Start typing text and smart filters will appear to help you refine your search in one click.

But that’s not all, we also have the most powerful e-commerce inspired advanced search you can imagine. Give it a try!

Tip: Get datagalaxy search bar everywhere with the chrome plugin

visual context

Visualize your data knowledge with lineages, diagrams and pipelines

A good drawing is worth thousand words. DataGalaxy has unprecedented capabilities to explore interactive lineages, diagrams or pipelines to better understand your data and its context.

personalized view

Tailor the catalog to your needs: custom layouts, custom fields… no limit

DataGalaxy does not need any customization to start. But when your teams become more aware about what value they get from their data knowledge platform, you might feel the need to add custom meta data fields or personalized layout. We’ve got that!

digital workplace integrations

Collaborate on data knowledge within your daily tools

Users don’t want to spend time switching back and forth between DataGalaxy and their daily tools for simple actions.

For them we have built a Chrome widget and an astounding Slack plugin where they perform searches, receive notifications, comments, assign tasks, etc.

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