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General Data Protection Regulation

Streamline your organization’s GDPR using a smart, centralised data knowledge platform

GDPR requires full lineage tracking of your organization’s data and metadata, including availability, criticality, management tools, and ongoing projects.



1 – 3 people



1 – 3 months



Piece of cake


How do you provide full-control management of personal information in a simple but scalable and collaborative way? Can this be achieved in an evolving IT environment with constantly increasing interactions between internal and external tools and data sources?



  • Records processing register available in both list and unit view
  • Highly-customizable user interface to fit your requirements
  • AI suggestions to automatically identify and classify GDPR-related data
  • Glossary of all the personal data with built-in attributes for GDPR compliance
  • Collaborative features to crowdsource data knowledge with data experts

Map your personal records processing

Designing and implementing a full personal records handling register requires not only being able to list and describe the data, but also to identify the criticality of the data being managed in order to estimate the risk of exposure. Once this is done, it is also important to present all these elements in a simple way for your whole team. 

With DataGalaxy, processes are seperated to helpl you easily mention everything you need, starting with the type of data to the processing legality!

It’s hard to evaluate a personal records processing without context! With DataGalaxy, you can link processings to its related data, both from a functional and technical point of view. This way, you can easily assess all the facets of your processings, from the criticality of the data exposed to their data source and how it’s managed.

Looking for specific file processing? The filtered view is for you – Create as many views as you need for your processing and save those views for later to share with all users.


Need to add specific information to your processings?

Create as many custom attributes as you like without entering a single line of code.

Ease personal data identification

How can we ensure that all personal data is correctly identified and is criticality assessed when its volume and complexity is constantly increasing?

Discover our AI Stewardship! 

We have developed an interactive AI Steward to assist you – Meet Metabot! Based on an algorithm, Metabot can help you to identify the data that needs to be linked to the GDPR requirements and provide suggestions for how you could match business terms to their technical equivalents in the dictionary. Metabot can also help you discover the footprints and lineage of your organization’s personal data!

Quick, reliable impact analyses

Rights of access, rights to rectification, rights to erasure, rights to portability: All these obligations demand your company maintain full traceability of personal data flows. 

The Explore feature is the perfect graphical tool to navigate your data space. It displays all the links among your datapoints to easily contextualise them.

Our lineage capacities allow us to explain how data is managed from a technical point of view and how it is used in business applications.


Data traceability is no longer a dream!

WIth the data lignage and the exploration capabilities, data traceability is at your fingertips!

Create your own “Privacy-by-Design” approach

The data deluge is also an opportunity to create new applications and services based on personal data. However, to do so, it’s important to guarantee a high level of data compliance from the very beginning. 

With DataGalaxy, you can list and describe all your Privacy-by-Design studies, right from the beginning of your project! 

Thanks to the social engine, your approach can be truly collaborative. Every each project manager can fill them in, therefore it raises the awareness of the teams to the conformity process.


Discover The Data Knowledge Catalog

The Data Knowledge Catalog

Easy access to you and your teams' entire data knowledge

Processing Catalog

Control on how your data assets are transformed and used as an organizational asset

Business Glossary

Bridge the gap between business, IT, and technical teams

Data Lineage

In-depth visual analytics tracking, research, and visualization

DataGalaxy Connectors

Our library of 70+ ready-to-go connectors to effortlessly identify and map your organizational data, processings, and usages

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