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The Search Engine

Find the data you’re looking for in one click.

The DataGalaxy search engine, no room for doubt! Your data knowledge is indexed and accessible in one click.

Wheter you’re searching through your data sources, processings, business glossary or your usages, just key in few characters to immediately retrieve the most relevant results from DataGalaxy.

Intuitive and powerful interface, the DatagGalaxy search features the most advances technologies allowing you to quickly retrieve the information you’re looking for. 

Don’t look further … This is the right place! 

Most data teams spend more than 50% of their time searching and qualifying corporate data sources. Between different systems, technologies and spreadsheets, finding the right information is an obstacle course.

With DataGalaxy, the entire context of your data is inventoried and indexed. Access to knowledge will never again exceed the time of a simple search.

Share a common knowledge

More than ever before, data is at the heart of the digital transformation. Successful transformation will highly depend on collaboration between the IT and business teams.

With Datagalaxy, the entire organization collaborates and shares knowledge in real time overstepping any departemental silo.

Use cases

Our suggestions for getting started

Data Valuation

Don't waste any more time searching and concentrate on the essential: the valorisation of your data.

Data Governance

Meet the Challenge of Collaborative Data Governance.

Regulatory Compliance

Simplify compliance, provide up-to-date mapping of your data.

Software Development

Do you deliver quickly and regularly? How do you track and document your data?