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Mia, Data Manager

Data Steward

As a data steward, ensuring data is fully defined and understood by consumers is a key responsibility. How can I effectively communicate data definitions and descriptions to ensure clarity and comprehension? Are there any potential ambiguities or inconsistencies in the data definitions that I need to address?

Can I provide concrete examples or use cases to users better understand how to interpret and utilize the data?

By consistently asking myself these questions and implementing appropriate measures, I can ensure that data is well-defined, transparent, and easily comprehensible to the consumers, fostering better decision-making and data utilization

Why Data Stewards use DataGalaxy?

To identify sensible data

To ensure rules & ownership

To control data quality

To audit & report

Time-Saving Data Discovery

Enables data stewards to quickly find the data they need, saving them a significant amount of time that would have otherwise been spent searching for relevant data.

Details Linked objects Lineage Owners Eric L. Mia F. Stewards Nicolas R. Hiba R. Wyatt L.

Track Sensitive Data, Access, and Usage with Precision

Easily identify where sensitive data is stored, who has access to it, and how it is being used. Stay compliant with data protection regulations effortlessly. Gain complete visibility into your data landscape. Effectively manage access controls, detect vulnerabilities, and reduce the risk of unauthorized data breaches.

Key benefits for
Data Stewards

Data Quality Management

Regulatory Compliance

Data Governance

Ensuring Data Quality with Rules, Alerts, and Workflows

Efficiently maintain data quality with DataGalaxy’s intuitive features, including rule-based monitoring, real-time alerts, and streamlined workflows for swift issue resolution. Gain actionable insights into data integrity and drive continuous improvement with comprehensive reporting and analytics capabilities.

Details Quality Linked objects Lineage T_product Data quality Critical Owner Eric Warren Steward Mia Virdemen June, 16 2023 Freshness > 2 days June, 16 2023 47 lines : Warning June, 14 2023 - June, 14 2023 -
Activity log 7 days ago updated field "Status" Gina Customers from "Proposed" to "Validated" updated field "PII Class" Mary Customers from "Unknown" to "Non PII" updated field "Quality rules" Elijah Customers updated field "Description" Gil Customers

Auditing & Reporting for Data Access and Changes

DataGalaxy’s comprehensive auditing and reporting capabilities offer organizations a clear understanding of data usage, facilitating informed decision-making, fostering trust among stakeholders, and ensuring adherence to data governance policies and regulatory requirements.

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“We realized many benefits for our organization such as a use case fully documented (functionally and technically), the build of an algorithm library, and a clear identification of ownership (IT, Business, Data scientist, BI).”

Emmanuel Dubois . CDO

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