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DataGalaxy VS. Microsoft Purview

Why top brands choose DataGalaxy’s SaaS-native platform for enhanced governance and cataloging efforts.

Explore the distinct methodologies of DataGalaxy and Microsoft Purview when it comes to metadata management, and gain a clear overview of the business implications of each.

Product comparison

Connect to legacy data stack
Connect to modern data stack
Data Catalog &Business Glossary
Exploratory Data Lineage
Governance responsability & workflows
Modern user interface
Diagramming tool
Cloud-Provider Data Catalog
Microsoft Purview

Service differentiation

Premium service for all customers
Unlimited viewer roles
All-in-one solution
No hidden costs
Deployable on day 1
Easy to maintain
Cloud-Provider Data Catalog
Microsoft Purview

Infrastructure comparison

Available on all clouds
On-Premise deployment
Independent containerization
70+ connectors
Data Quality integration
Uniform Resource Name
Cloud-Provider Data Catalog
Microsoft Purview

Based on 2024 Gartner Peer Insights
and G2 reviews

DataGalaxy 4.9

DataGalaxy is praised for straightforward setup and intuitive interface. Complete for technical users and business users.

Microsoft Purview 4

Microsoft Purview started has a technical tool, for technical users, making the global usage difficult for business users.

DataGalaxy 4.9

DataGalaxy offers several collaboration features (tasks, comments) for teams to work together on data-related tasks. A unique web browser plug-in allows users to comment on and share data assets directly from their web browser. Integrates with popular collaboration tools such as Slack and Microsoft Teams.

Microsoft Purview 4.2

Microsoft Purview uses a system for manually commenting on and rating objects; however, this manual rating is not linked to an automatic evaluation, which can limit its effectiveness for some users.

DataGalaxy 5

DataGalaxy offers customer support through an online help center, which includes a knowledge base, FAQs, and tutorials. DataGalaxy’s customer support team is known for being responsive and providing personalized support to customers. DataGalayx launched a portal for customers (Users Voice) to submit ideas for improvements,

Microsoft Purview 4.3

Microsoft Purview offers a Premium Customer Support plan for those with more demanding support requirements, implying that standard support might not meet the needs of all customers.

DataGalaxy 4.9

DataGalaxy Cloud native architecture allows for easy scalability with business needs. Built on microservices and containerization technologies to handle increasing workloads. Can seamlessly adapt to the changing needs of an organization. Provides consistent performance even as the data landscape expands

Microsoft Purview 4.3

Microsoft Purview can be deployed in the cloud, utilizing a cloud-native architecture. Microsoft Purview supports integration with various cloud data sources and data warehouses, allowing organizations to manage and catalog their data wherever it resides. However, some additional costs might occur.

DataGalaxy 4.9

DataGalaxy, with over 70 connectors and an API, allows you to connect your entire data stack to achieve a 360-degree view of your data.

Microsoft Purview 3

The Microsoft Purview Data Catalog was created for technical users who utilize Microsoft tools; visibility will be significantly limited by the platform’s lack of agnosticism.

DataGalaxy 4.9

DataGalaxy offers flexible pricing options for their data catalog solution and offers a quote-based pricing model based on the specific needs of each organization. Customers mentions that DataGalaxy is considerably more affordable solution according to some customer reviews.

Microsoft Purview 4.4

The cost of Microsoft Purview depends on the number of data sources scanned and API requests, with a limited free offer. Charges vary based on usage and catalog size. Additional costs may arise with storage and Microsoft Purview services.

Not convinced yet?

Deep dive into the 5 reasons
why DataGalaxy is the preferred choice over Microsoft Purview

Complete for data professionals, accessible for all users

DataGalaxy excels in providing a balanced platform that is both comprehensive for technical users and accessible for end users. This dual focus bridges the technical divide, offering robust functionality without compromising on ease of use. DataGalaxy serves a broad audience, effectively democratizing data access and understanding for everyone involved.


Start your data governance today – not in 6 months

DataGalaxy streamlines the deployment process, with 90% of our clients launching their first use-case within two months, unlike our competitors, where delays of 6+ months are common.


All-inclusive connectivity, no extra costs

DataGalaxy stands out in the market by providing an inclusive package that includes all connectors and an unlimited number of readers at no extra charge. This approach is distinct from many competitors who often charge additional fees for each integration. By offering these essential features at no additional cost, DataGalaxy fosters an environment where data can be freely connected and shared.


Premium customer service for all

DataGalaxy sets a new standard in customer service, providing top-tier support equally to all clients, without the tiered service levels often seen with competitors. Our approach ensures that every user, regardless of their level of investment, receives the same care and attention, ensuring a uniform and high-quality customer experience.


Expert-led, organization-specific data insights

DataGalaxy’s campaign module stands out by focusing on relevance over sheer volume. Unlike competitors who aim for the most comprehensive data catalog, often resulting in underutilized resources, DataGalaxy prioritizes expert involvement. We ensure that the data is not only well-documented and accurate but also tailored specifically to your organization’s needs.


Proactive, AI-Enhanced Security Measures

DataGalaxy stands out with its AI-driven security and compliance measures, which are not just tick-box features but central elements of our offering. Unlike generic solutions on the market, our AI/ML technology is specifically tailored to proactively protect your data and ensure compliance with specific organizational standards and regulations.


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