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Active Metadata Management made easy

Active metadata management is a key feature of Datagalaxy’s platform, which provides users with tools and resources to facilitate the management of metadata across various data-related processes.

Why companies use DataGalaxy for
Active Metadata Management?

To enhance
data culture

To ensure in flow experience

To reduce time & costs

To improve

Active Data Culture Participation

Our browser extension doesn’t just supply knowledge, it also gives users an easy way to capture their knowledge for the benefit of others. Connecting to colleagues, tagging important assets, and capturing the description of something a user needs to remember is simple and helps them be more efficient in the future.

In Flow Embedded Experience

Datagalaxy is designed to be embedded in your flow experience, allowing you to leverage the power of data insights without disrupting your established processes.

Everything you need for…

AI Data


Slack & Teams

Reduce Time and Costs

With DataGalaxy, organizations can reduce the time and cost of manual data management processes. Additionally, it can help prevent errors that can result from manual data management.

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Improve onboarding with Diagrams

Create a visual representation of your business model, drop glossary assets and create links directly within the scene.

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“DataGalaxy’s data catalog has provided so many benefits for our organization, including a fully-documented functional and technical use case, a thorough algorithm library, and a clear identification of ownership between IT, Business, Data, and BI teams.”

Emmanuel Dubois, CDO

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