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As the demand for sustainable and socially-responsible business operations continues to grow, organizations need powerful data solutions to stay ahead of the curve.

DataGalaxy simplifies and optimizes ESG reporting through innovative technology and comprehensive data management tools customizable to meet any reporting standard.

Common ESG regulation challenges

The issue

Inconsistent data sources: Companies face challenges with varied and inconsistent data sources for ESG reporting, leading to potential inaccuracies.

Complex regulatory requirements: Diverse and changing ESG regulations across regions complicate compliance and accurate data reporting.

Lack of transparency & traceability: Without centralization, tracking data origins and changes becomes difficult, impacting ESG reporting accuracy.

Inefficient data access & sharing: Internal teams often experience delays and communication issues due to inefficient data access.

The need

Centralized data management for consistent ESG reporting: DataGalaxy provides a unified platform to manage diverse ESG-related data, ensuring accuracy and consistency in compliance reporting.

Enhanced regulatory compliance support: With organized data structures, DataGalaxy aids in adapting to evolving ESG regulations, facilitating ongoing compliance and reducing the risk of non-conformity.

Improved transparency & auditability in data handling: DataGalaxy enhances traceability and transparency, critical for auditing ESG data lineage and modifications, thus boosting accountability.

Why our customers use DataGalaxy for ESG Reporting

To simplify
data discovery

To ensure
data quality

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To facilitate
data governance

Data discovery

DataGalaxy consolidates all ESG-related data, providing a unified platform for easy access. This feature allows investors and decision-makers to efficiently find the information they need for making informed ESG-related investment or business decisions.

This centralized access ensures that essential data is readily available, streamlining the decision-making process.

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Follow your data path 

Understanding the source and journey of ESG data is crucial for assessing its integrity. Our data catalog enables users to trace the data’s path both upstream and downstream.

This functionality allows firms to comprehend the evolution and modifications of their data over time. Such detailed lineage tracking is vital for ensuring the reliability and accuracy of ESG data used in strategic decisions.

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Data quality



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Data governance facilitation

Breaking down data silos is a key aspect of effective ESG data governance. DataGalaxy aids firms in tracing the transformation path of metadata, analyzing the impact of changes, and overseeing modifications across the entire dataset.

This capability helps in identifying and mitigating risks proactively. Consequently, it ensures that investors and decision-makers are collaborating based on a foundation of reliable and interconnected ESG data sources.

Real-time monitoring & collaboration

With DataGalaxy’s real-time monitoring and alert system, companies can proactively manage their ESG performance. The platform automatically detects potential issues.

DataGalaxy’s sleek interface and collaboration features, simplifying ESG reporting for teams. Streamline workflows, automate tasks, and access real-time data, promoting transparency, accountability, and efficient ESG goal achievement.

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