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[Webinar] Unlocking the Power of Data Contracts: Enabling Data Governance and Collaboration

May 16, 2023 . 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm PDT


Join us for a webinar featuring renowned data quality expert Chad Sanderson, and Kash Mehdi, VP of Growth at DataGalaxy, the industry’s first data knowledge catalog

In this session, we’ll dive into the world of data contracts – API-based agreements between data producers and consumers that capture the schema, semantics, distribution, and enforcement policies of the data. Learn how data contracts provide a single surface for collaboration on data in a shared language, allow the data model to evolve in an agile, iterative way, and apply data governance incrementally where it’s needed. We’ll explore how organizations can leverage data contracts to lead with data and apply governance in a way that’s both efficient and effective. Don’t miss this opportunity to gain insights from the experts on how to unlock the power of data contracts for your organization.

Our speakers

Kash Mehdi
VP of Growth

Kash Mehdi is the VP of Growth at DataGalaxy, the industry’s first Data Knowledge Catalog born in the cloud and built as a SaaS native. He has spent the last decade scaling go-to-market functions at hyper-growth SaaS companies, including Collibra, where he was the 5th employee and helped the company achieve a multi-billion dollar valuation, and Informatica, where he played a key role in the company’s entry into the data governance space and its 2021 IPO achievement.

The data industry recognizes Kash’s contributions, and he continues to deliver data intelligence solutions worldwide to numerous customers and partners. With a wealth of international data management experience, Kash has led markets across North America, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and Latin America. As more customers seek to unlock the value of their data assets and with data volumes doubling at an unprecedented rate, Kash helps organizations democratize data knowledge and unlock competitive and monetary benefits.

Chad Sanderson
Head of Data, Data Contracts Advocate

Data underpins everything we do: From running experiments, deploying machine learning models, or deciding the next step of nearly every major business decision. Data is the engine that drives companies forward…so why do most ‘data driven organizations’ still struggle with harnessing data to their fullest potential?

I believe that applying product thinking to holistic data challenges is the only way to make trustworthy decisions at scale. My extensive experience from hyper-growth startups, to established tech super giants, to small businesses just dipping their toes into ecommerce has taught me the following about myself:

– I can have a conversation with the most technical internal customers in the world (Research science, data science, engineering) and get to the heart of their problems, even if they don’t see the answers themselves

– I start with the optimal problem and work backwards towards an MVP. Cultural changes to a data organization is a long play, not a short one. Optimizing for the immediate only will never get you closer to solving the underlying problem.

I have built everything from feature stores, experimentation platforms, metrics layers, streaming platforms, analytics tools, data discovery systems, and workflow development platforms. I’ve implemented open source, SaaS products (early and late stage) and have built cutting edge technology from the ground up. I love the data space, and if you’re interested in chatting about it with me don’t hesitate to reach out

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May 16, 2023
1:00 pm - 2:00 pm PDT
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