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2 April 2024

Data Universe 2024

DataGalaxy x Data Universe 2024: Three main themes & one outstanding partner

DataGalaxy is thrilled to participate in Data Universe 2024 in New York City, an influential event where industry leaders gather to explore the latest innovations and trends shaping the data universe.

This outstanding event provides fresh training and perspectives to help data leaders thrive in the expanding data universe; explores new ways of thinking about strategy, experimentation, and innovation; and hosts tons of networking opportunities with industry peers & suppliers.

DataGalaxy is proud to participate in this outstanding conference sponsored by our Technology Partner, Starburst. Starburst has been a part of the DataGalaxy family since March 2023, powering our Trino connector, and continually bringing high-quality data query services to the data management community around the world.

Discover the conference’s main themes, the DataGalaxy Data Universe 2024 track, and where to find us at the event in the blog post below.

Looking back at Starburst & data products at The Gartner Data & Analytics Summit

DataGalaxy has also recently attended The Gartner Data & Analytics Summit, a fantastic opportunity not only for data leaders to come together from around the world but also to share cutting-edge industry insights and trends as gathered by one of the world’s top data research agencies.

2024 was no different! In addition to the outstanding insights that come from attending conferences like these, this year’s Gartner Data & Analytics Summit hosted a special talk from Raj Madugula, Head of Consumer Data Products at Wells Fargo and Justin Borgman, Co-Founder and CEO at Starburst. Together, they shared their talk: “Data Products at Wells Fargo: Becoming Data-Driven while Bridging Legacy and Modern Technology.”

This conversation covered an overview of Starburst as an organization and how the company is transforming the future of data management at Wells Fargo to enable data product development with both newer and legacy data. Raj explains that Wells Fargo achieved this in four steps.

  • Federated datasets: Whether on the cloud infrastructure or through existing data assets within the company, federated data sets help to bridge the gap between where the data sets within our federated repositories to the data products. According to Raj, “The first and foremost thing to remember is ‘How do we really start creating those assets?’” The answer: Modern tech stack tools.
  • Data consumption as an abstraction: Abstraction limits the need for data movement, which can cause issues in governance. It’s important to use a tool like Starburst to help you make sense of all this in a way that works for your organization.
  • Unified tools: Using a next-generation unified tool set can help all members of your data teams, including Data Scientists, business intelligence, analytics, data discovery, and more! This step is all about bringing together tech and business, and that could often include using generative AI tools to help these teams label and classify their data to use as an asset.
  • Sample enablement areas: This step is about locating sample data to put steps 1 – 3 to the test, and make changes as needed to create your data products. For Wells Fargo, these steps were applied to create data products for marketing and offers management, insurance claims, telehealth, and risk analysis.

DataGalaxy x Starburst at Data Universe 2024

We’re thrilled to participate in Data Universe 2024 – A first-of-its-kind Starburst-led comprehensive data, analytics, machine learning, and AI event uniting data practitioners and business leaders around today’s cutting-edge data management topics.

This year, DataGalaxy is hosting a can’t-miss keynote at Data Universe: “Governing Data Products at Scale: Promoting Collaboration between Producers and Consumers.” Join us at the event to hear more about DataGalaxy’s data product creation strategy!

We’ll also be hosting a booth at Data Universe 2024: Join DataGalaxy at booth #445 to immerse yourself in an interactive showcase of cutting-edge data solutions and technologies, end-user case studies, peer conversations, giveaways, and special announcements you can only hear at Data Universe 2024.

Getting prepared

Obviously, data products are a huge theme at this year’s Data Universe conference. Are you attending Data Universe 2024, or simply looking to brush up on the event’s key topics? We’ve compiled a list of our top resources to get you up-to-speed with all things data products, data lineage, data governance, and inspiring your company’s data journey:

  • DataGalaxy x Starburst: Discover the outstanding relationship between DataGalaxy and Starburst, including information about DataGalaxy’s Tech Partners.
  • Creating successful data products: Key considerations and best practices for creating successful data products, emphasizing the importance of aligning product strategies with both user needs and business objectives.
  • Are you CDO material? Forge your path to data leadership: Whether you’re on the path or just exploring the possibility, fully grasping the roles, responsibilities, and significance of the CDO role is a crucial first step. In this blog, we’ll discuss the essential skills, experiences, and strategies needed to prepare for this ever-evolving position.
  • Unraveling data products & their value: Connect technical data knowledge with practical business implementation to analyze the essential components required for creating successful data products.

Visit us at Data Universe 2024

Each year, DataGalaxy is proud to participate in this leading data event, and we look forward to gathering even more insights like these at Data Universe 2024!

Are you attending Data Universe 2024? Come say hello!

  • Data Universe 2024
    April 10th – 11th
    The North Jarvis Center
    445, 11th Ave
    New York City, NY
  • The official DataGalaxy Data Universe 2024 booth
    Join us for special product demos, insider information, and fun giveaways!
  • “Governing Data Products at Scale: Promoting Collaboration between Producers and Consumers”
    Talk date and time information coming soon
  • Get your ticket now to secure your spot at the conference!

Join us for this outstanding event to uncover fresh training and perspectives to help you thrive in the expanding data universe; explore new ways of thinking about strategy, experimentation, and innovation; and network with industry peers & suppliers. Save your spot now!

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