17 December 2021

data governance strategy

Data Catalog White Paper: Download the Complete Guide

The data catalog is the basis of your company’s data governance. This downloadable White Paper is a complete presentation of the Data Catalog, its challenges and its functionalities: A must-read before implementing a data management plan!

In the era of big data, companies are facing an influx of information and the risk of getting lost in a sea of countless, constantly-expanding, and highly-perishable data. Today, it’s essential for organizations to adopt a robust data governance policy equipped with tools for cataloging data, keeping it up-to-date, centralizing it, and making it available to all business users in order to make better decisions.

Such a process begins with the adoption of a data catalog.

The focus of this white paper

  1. Defining a data catalog
  2. Understanding data catalog solutions in the data-driven era
  3. Data Catalogs as powerful tools

Data catalogs provide concrete benefits to your company from the moment they are implemented: The store valuable, up-to-date, reliable, and contextualized information through metadata organization. Additionally, they include a smart search engine so that each user can find and utilize the data they need.

The data catalog is the ideal tool to master your company’s data and extract a strong business value from it. Download the White Paper to begin creating your company’s data lineage mapping, develop a standardized business glossary, and much more! Check our calendar and select a date that works for you. Jumpstart your free 15-day platform trial access & start making the most of your data today!

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