17 December 2021

data governance strategy

Data Catalog White Paper: Download Your Complete Guide

The data catalog is the basis of your company’s data governance. This downloadable white paper is a complete presentation of the Data Catalog, its challenges and its functionalities. A must-read before starting Data Management!

In the era of Big Data, companies are facing an ocean of information: a mine of opportunities… but also real risks of an overdose in countless, constantly expanding, and highly perishable data. Today, it is essential to adopt a data governance policy and to be equipped with tools for cataloging data, keeping it up to date, centralizing it and making it available to businesses in order to make better decisions.

Such a process begins with the adoption of a data catalog.

The focus of this white paper

  1. What is a Data Catalog?
  2. Understanding data catalog solutions in 2021
  3. What kind of jobs is a data catalog designed for?

The Data Catalog provides concrete benefits to your company from the moment it is implemented: valuable, up-to-date, reliable, and contextualized information through metadata – and a search engine so that each user can find and exploit the data they need. In the Big Data Age, the opportunity to become a Data Driven company is too rich to resist!

The data catalog is the ideal tool to master your company’s data and extract a strong business value from it. Download your white paper and let yourself be tempted by all its possibilities!

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