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29 March 2023

And accelerate their strategy to become the leader of modern collaborative data governance solutions

Lyon, France – Today DataGalaxy is pleased to announce the acquisition of DataRedKite, a modern data stack monitoring and observability solution. This first acquisition is part of DataGalxy’s strategy to accelerate its integration within modern data infrastructure and its positioning as the leader of modern collaborative data governance solutions.

DataGalaxy has long admired DataRedKite’s unique expertise and energetic desire to craft value-add, user-focused solutions while also building a great team and culture. Since the past months, DataGalaxy and DataRedkite have run a strong technological partnership and successful customer stories.
The acquisition of DataRedKite opens the door to going beyond partnership and releasing unprecedented native capabilities for data platform monitoring and observability.

Both DataGalaxy and DataRedKite share a vision to change the way organizations run and scale data-driven businesses by enabling strong data knowledge and breaking the frontier of effective end-to-end collaborative data governance.

DataRedKite will enhance the collaborative data governance experience by providing advanced data insights to both technical and business users, particularly within data storage and processing logs harvesting and analysis. Who is accessing the data? Which data is being consulted? Which one is not? Are there data incidents? What about data costs? DataGalaxy will now offer an advanced native layer to scan and monitor an organization’s data platform / factory within Azure, AWS & Google Cloud ecosystems.

With more than 60 clients across Europe and the USA, DataGalaxy will accelerate helping more organizations toward their data governance journey and continue building the best products and solutions that delight customers and empower data driven people around the world.

Lazhar Sellami, co-founder of DataGalaxy says:

‘We are excited to share more about what we’ll be working on together in the coming months. There is an endless galaxy of possibilities, and we are only just getting started.’

Stay tuned!

About DataGalaxy
Founded in 2015 in Lyon, DataGalaxy is the pioneer of collaborative data governance in France. DataGalaxy is the industry’s first data knowledge catalog helping organizations understand how their entire business runs on data. An established leader in Europe, growing rapidly and operating worldwide, DataGalaxy offers a user-centric platform dedicated to metadata mapping, active metadata management, and metadata knowledge sharing. With its innovative approach to data governance and cataloging, DataGalaxy helps businesses of all sizes gain control over their data assets and make better, more informed decisions.

Structuring a data-driven organization

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